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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Parasite Control Trick

I went on a job interview, and I noticed another parasite control trick.

The person who did the phone interview had the "abused productive" personality type. I got along well with him. He said "We're bringing you in for an onsite interview. You're going to meet with me and another manager." My reaction was "Let me guess. The other manager is a parasite." Of course, I didn't say anything.

I did the onsite interview. I met with the abused productive manager first for 45 minutes and I thought it went well. Then, it was the other manager's turn.

There was an interesting indication that the abused productive manager was under the control of a parasite. He was overly obsessed about minor things, probably due to the prompting of a parasitic boss.

My suspicions were met. The other manager had the parasite personality type. I was objective.

There was an interesting symptom of parasitism. He was only interested in talking about himself, and the interview was not interactive. He seemed more interested in talking about how awesome he was, rather than determining if I was a good candidate. He also had the "programmers are interchangeable cogs" attitude, which seems an unhealthy attitude for a software manager to have. The abused productive manager seemed to genuinely think "I want to hire someone really good!"

I probably scared the **** out of him, because his evil jedi mind control tricks weren't working on me. I didn't pay close attention to them, because I've already learned to filter them out. Next time, I'll try to actively notice the parasite's psychological mind control tricks.

I wonder if that's an interesting defense? An evil person can't talk with me for long, without becoming aware that they're evil! Now, I naturally instill fear and dread in someone with a parasitic personality type. Unfortunately, that's going to be a problem in the wage slave job market.

Here's the parasite trick that I hadn't noticed before. The interview was conducted in a closed room, just me and the interviewer. When the parasite interviewed me, *NOBODY ELSE WAS IN THE ROOM*. If the abused productive worker were present, he might have noticed that the parasite was being abusive or unreasonable. There is no evidence that the parasitic manager was abusive, other than my observations.

Now, when the parasitic manager says "FSK is unqualified!", the productive worker has no clue how the interview actually went.

After the interview is over and I've left, the parasite says "I've concluded that FSK is unqualified." It's the parasitic manager against the abused productive manager. Even if the abused productive manager really wanted to hire me, he doesn't have the ability to resist the parasite's mind control. The parasite probably can alter the abused productive manager's memories after the interview, so he believes "FSK was a bad candidate."

The key component of the scam is that the abused productive manager did not observe the parasite interviewing me. Otherwise, he might have noticed that the parasite was being unreasonable. In this manner, parasite control tactics prevent productive workers from sharing information.

Now that I've achieved higher awareness, I can't conceal it. That's going to make it very hard for me to find another wage slave job. In *ALMOST EVERY BUSINESS*, there's a productive worker paired with a parasite, even in a 2-person startup. The parasite will always veto the "Hire FSK!" decision, once he realizes that his mind control tricks don't work on me.

When the parasitic manager comes into the room, I give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's honest. By the time I figure out "This guy is a parasite! Be careful!", the parasite already knows that I'm on to his scam. I should assume that the other person is decent, until proven otherwise. In this case, I was suspicious from the beginning. I'm not going to actively try to interact dishonestly with someone.

I told my parents "The 2nd interviewer didn't seem to like me. He was only interested in talking about himself. He ended the interview after only a few minutes." My parents said "FSK needs to learn to suck up more!" They didn't even consider the possibility "The interviewer was a jerk!" Of course, my parents can't re-brainwash me anymore. I don't bother arguing with them, because I'll never convince them.

It appears that "FSK starts his own business!" is the only option. The good news is that my living expenses are negligible, since I'm living with my parents. The bad news is that I need 100x+ more regular readers for blogging to be a viable full-time source of income. I should try other things.


Anonymous said...

What skill do you have that produces the highest value?

I don't know much about blogging, and while I think your blog is good, I don't think its something that seems like it would be profitable, or a situation where you're going to enjoy doing it.

That's the other question-- what do you enjoy most? Is there any intersection between the high value skills you have and what you enjoy?

Whatever that intersection is, that's probably the industry you should go into.

Then, given that industry, find a way where an individual can create a business. Since one person can't do it all, see if you can get a partner. But if that looks like a recipe for disaster, see if you can find a solution where you can outsource the things outside your areas of skill.

Its kind of amazing what you can outsource these days-- from web applications hosting, to billing, to artwork, etc.

Find something where you can create a bit of value-- value worth paying for-- for not a lot of money out of pocket. Make sure it works. Something that solves a problem, and then market it.

You'll learn a huge amount by this, even if its a failure.

Then you can do better next time, or you can extend your first effort by adding more value.

Its not easy, but its rewarding, and it lets you do things right.

Greg said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I think you are looking at making money from blogging the wrong way. For the most part blogs that make the most money do not make money from "regular readers." Social traffic and regular readers are worthless from a financial standpoint. They make it from natural search traffic- people who are looking for the product or information you offer and are looking to click on an ad or buy an affiliate product from your link,etc. The exception is someone with a following who regularly pimps crap to their readership or "list." Like "make Money Online" bloggers who try to sell "make money tools" to their readers. People who really make money don't make money from talking about making money ( except for the few "guru" scammer types). They make money by marketing actual services or products people look for.

Most people who make money online do not do it through blogging. I don't know why people are obsessed with making money from blogs.

You are thinking the right way in general- moving from wage slave to self-employment using the internet. But if you really want to make money there are a lot of easier ways to do it. I wouldn't say "easy" but someone with your level of intelligence should be able to figure it out If you can't perhaps you should partner with people who "get it" and need help with programming.

I understand you want to make money with agorism, but you can do that by actually DOING agorism, not necessarily " make money from agorism by talking about agorism."

You probably want to make a living from doing something in line with that or at least something related that really interests you. I'm not saying you should become a porn affiliate or something ( though I make money with that type of stuff as well as more "mainstream" stuff), but there are many many ways to make money online and few have anything to do with building up a readership of a personal blog.

I really have no skills. I went to college on and off for like 12 years and never had a job that paid more than single digits per hour with no benefits. I can't work a wage slave job because of my "mental illness". I don't actually have a choice. But I know how to think and how to do simple things that make money. It frustrates me when I see people who have skills ( especially programming since that's what I thought I would do)and seem completely clueless or at least don't listen to reason or have the curiosity to challenge their positions.

To me it's like you decided one day " I want to make money from an agorist blog" without really considering how you would make money and whether a blog is the way to do it, but you are stuck in your ways. When there are many people who have rejected wage-slavery and manage to make money out of the system and the methods/opportunities are WIDE OPEN.

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