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Friday, April 10, 2009

David Hudson - Hero or Fnord?

By E-Mail, someone wrote:

Research David Hudson

Invented superconductor a few years ago. His patent was allowed
everywhere but in U.S., where it was seized due to "potential for
military use".

Here are two links:

and in general

The mainstream custodians of science have been nearly completely corrupted. I liked this bit:

I then recalled that, according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the proper analytical tool is to burn the sample in the emission spectroscopic analysis for 300 seconds, not just 15.

In many areas of mainstream science, the "proper accepted procedure" is fraudulent. I don't have the time or resources or ability to independently verify David Hudson's claims. All I can say is "Not proven either way".

Most of these "breakthrough" discoveries are made by someone who isn't a State-licensed scientist. In order to get a State science license, you have to pass several tests proving you've been thoroughly brainwashed as a pro-State troll. You have to spend 4 years as an undergraduate, 5+ years getting a PhD, and 5+ years as a postdoc or in a tenure-track job. In order to pass the "peer review" process, you must prove you're thoroughly brainwashed as a pro-State troll.

"Peer review" is an excellent mechanism for slowing the progress of science. It makes academic life a ****sucking contest instead of a true test of ability. Most science funding comes from the State, giving the bad guys complete control over science. If a handful of "leaders" in an academic field are corrupted, that is sufficient to corrupt the entire area. Once most of the scientists in a field are pro-State brainwashed fools, then the peer review process keeps out any independent thinkers.

These "guy makes breakthrough" stories all have several common elements:
  • He's an individual working alone without a State license. (It's almost always a guy.)
  • He makes some discovery that contradicts mainstream science.
  • He tries to patent his invention or attract mainstream media attention. **MISTAKE!!**
  • The mainstream media and State-licensed scientists say "That guy's a crank".
  • If the individual is too persistent promoting his discovery, he mysteriously dies. If necessary, his students and those people around him die. (That happened with Tesla.)
The first thing the inventor does is patent his invention and try to garner mainstream media attention. According to pro-State brainwashing, this is the correct strategy. However, if you've discovered a suppressed technology, this is like painting a giant bullseye on yourself.

I don't have the time or resources or skills to verify the claims about David Hudson. All I can say is "Not proven either way." I don't trust the research performed by State-licensed scientists.

Some such individuals are genuine. Some are deliberately planted fakes, placed by the State as a distraction. I can't be sure without interviewing David Hudson personally and independently verifying the research.

When an agorist economy gets more sophisticated, there will be spare resources available to verify such research. I question *EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT* made by a State-licensed scientist. Of course, someone conducting such research would have to keep his discoveries in the counter-economy. If an agorist builds a working Zero Point Energy generator, the *LAST* thing you should do is patent it or call a mainstream media outlet. The correct solution is to build as many as you can, and give the plans away to other people so your research isn't lost if you mysteriously die.

"Fund research without a State license" is one of my agorist business ideas. One area would be investigating the claims of people like David Hudson.

It's also tricky. In many areas, conducting research without a State license is illegal. Software is one of the few areas you can innovate without a State license. For example, it's illegal to operate a chemistry lab without a State license. I predict that "agorist chemist" will be a viable business, once there's a more sophisticated counter-economy.

I also liked the bit where he says "Scientists don't understand how neurons in the brain really work. They may use an electrical process similar to high-temperature superconductivity." The psychiatry industry is *REALLY EVIL*. How can you give a person drugs that block their neurons, when scientists don't fully understand how a neuron actually works?

BTW, the "Library of Halexandria" site has some good bits and is worth reading, although it falls short of agorism as the correct solution. It's one of those sites that covers:
  1. The "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is nonsense.
  2. The Federal Reserve is immoral (and associated conspiracies).
  3. The income tax is immoral.
  4. Zero Point Energy technology is a suppressed technology
When I first started researching anti-psychiatry, I was confused, because most sites that were correct on (1) also had bits on (2)-(4). When I first read that, my reaction was "WTF? What does the Federal Reserve have to do with the psychiatry industry? All the websites that are totally accurate on the psychiatry industry also have bits on the Federal Reserve!" I see now that they're closely related.

I have no way of knowing if David Hudson's account is mostly true. I have no way of knowing if David Hudson is partially/totally mistaken or a deliberately planted fake. To be sure, I'd have to interview him and independently verify his research.

Even if David Hudson is a cleverly planted fake, it illustrates that there are important hidden/suppressed technologies. There are so many such stories that my fnord-vision tells me "Something suspicious is happening here!", whether David Hudson himself is right or wrong.

Somebody wouldn't bother creating so many fake "suppressed technology" stories if there weren't actually suppressed technologies! My guess is that there are 99+ fake stories out there for every true one, but I don't have the time and resources to filter the fakes from the genuine.

If you're an independent scientist, and you re-discover a "suppressed technology", do *NOT* contact a mainstream media outlet or patent your invention! That's like committing suicide!

Also, the "Library of Halexandria" article on David Hudson seemed like it was written by someone other than David Hudson. I'd have to read David Hudson's direct writing to verify the content. To be completely sure, I'd have to talk with him, see him demonstrate his results, and independently verify them.

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Anonymous said...

David Hudson's lectures are on Youtube. This seems to me to be the 'next best or even 'better than' verifying some article. I tend to trust him, as a mainstream "Joe" who really stumbled onto a miracle and painstakingly worked through a research process to know what he'd found. But, I'm a nobody who knows nothing for sure. I just want a miracle, I guess, in this world that could use some where there are so few. My problem is that all the information I can find on Hudson is older than I'd like and I really wonder what's going on more recently with this development.

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