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Friday, July 22, 2011

More Facial Personality Analysis

Some commenters have asked for more analysis of "evaluate personality type based on appearance". (I suspect I can do this better than most policemen.)

Here is another example.

Frank McCourt has the parasitic or psychopathic personality type, as you can see by his nearly vertical laugh lines.

Also, look at his facial asymmetry. Notice how the left side of his face is slightly disfigured (right side in the photo). His left eye is slightly smaller than his right eye. His left cheek also looks a little off.

I'm noticing this subtle disfigurement a lot more than I used to.

Here's the reasoning. For most men, the right side of the body is for logic and the left side is for emotions. If you have the "abused productive" personality type, the right side of your body is partially disfigured. If you have the parasitic personality type, the left side of your body is partially disfigured. (People with high logical intelligence are logically stressed. People with high emotional intelligence are emotionally stressed.)

In women, it's reversed (left=logic, right=emotions).

For homosexual bottoms, it's reversed again. (The reason is that the homosexual bottom takes the opposite of his parasitic partner. Homosexual tops are people who want to be parasites, but aren't intelligent/attractive enough to dominate someone of the opposite sex.)

Here is another example. Look at President Obama's facial wrinkle pattern. You can tell he had plastic surgery. His facial wrinkles and laugh lines move in an unnatural pattern when he talks.

You can read personality type by looking at laugh line patterns and partial facial disfigurement. There is no absolute proof, but these are indications.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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