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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony - Who Cares?

After a high-profile murder trial, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder. As usual, prosecutors nailed her on the lesser charge of "lying to the police". Don't talk to the police!

Casey Anthony certainly is an idiot. Why didn't she contact the police immediately, after her daughter allegedly disappeared? By failing to immediately contact police, that set up substantial circumstantial evidence of murder. She probably actually murdered her daughter. However, the prosecutor couldn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

A high-profile trial like this is bread and circuses. Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted, that doesn't threaten the State's legitimacy.

As usual, the jurors who voted "not guilty" are widely denounced. Aren't those jurors supposed to know that the prosecutor always wins? The jurors failed to play their proper role. It is shameful, the way that the mainstream media denounces jurors who voted "not guilty".

I don't see why 30+ days of trial are necessary. Either she did it or not. If the prosecutor can't prove that in one day, another 30 days isn't going to help.

Casey Anthony spent 3 years already in pretrial detention. What happened to "right to a speedy trial"? The maximum sentence for the lesser convictions is 4 years in jail.

Casey Anthony's lawyer is set now. He's going to have plenty of other clients. The prosecutor is screwed. Instead of using this case as a career stepping-stone, the prosecutor looks like a fool for losing a slam-dunk conviction. Why can't the prosecutor and media say "Oh well. I guess there was insufficient evidence." instead of "Those jurors were clueless twits, for acquitting."

"Murdering your child" is really "destruction of State property". The State isn't a legitimate party to this dispute. The only people who really have standing are the father and other relatives.

This trial was bread and circuses for the masses. It's a distraction from more important issues. People will be angry at Casey Anthony for murdering her child, instead of being angry at the Federal Reserve and the State. It's channeling and redirecting anger.

Imagine if the mainstream media spent as much time explaining why the Federal Reserve is evil, as they spent explaining why Casey Anthony is evil? Show trials like this one substitute for genuine political debate.

I'm really offended at the mainstream media. Whenever jurors acquit in a high-profile (i.e. presumed-guilty) trial, the mainstream media gets angry at the incompetent jurors. Maybe there really was insufficient evidence?


Anonymous said...

There was insufficient evidence in the trial of Amanda Fox. In fact I don't even think there was a shred of evidence against her.

Once you use Polymerase Chain Reaction to detect or amplify DNA, you are in a world of trouble. Even a single molecular will get amplified up to visible amounts of DNA. Contamination is a big problem.

Some scientists say that you should have separate laboratories for doing PCR work as contain once you do the chain reaction once, you have now produced huge volumes of DNA which can contaminate a subsequent PCR.

The prosecutor's story was a fairy tell. A good looking woman like Amanda would not hook up with a scummy looking immigrant for a sex game!

This does not happen in real life.

If you believe the prosecutor's story you are an idiot.

Pitchman said...

Inflection Point: "News as entertainment has trumped actual journalism."

I now know who Casey Anthony is. But, what of the Three Wars America is embroiled in?

"As long as corporate MSM keeps it off the nightly news the people are content with America's sociopathic spree of senseless destruction and killing of innocents. Yet they're captivated and outraged by sensationalized coverage when a deranged Mother kills her baby. It is a sad state when such an isolated incident is "sold" as infotainment and that trumps the real news of wholesale murder and mayhem. Wake up America! Throw in the food stamps and this is the modern version of Bread and Circuses. Our sophistication make's us either the most ignorant or hypocritical people on earth." - excerpt from: "THE FOUNDING FATHERS: MYTH ASIDE, THIS IS A VISION GONE WRONG!" soon to be posted at Inflection Point

Pitchman said...

Erin said...

As far as I have read... Every bit of evidence that I've heard discussed (I didn't watch the trial, I don't have cable) was purely circumstantial. I know I wouldn't want to be convicted of a crime (presumably one I didn't commit) on purely circumstantial evidence. Whether or not she actually did it, it would seem to me that the state failed to make its case.

But in the end, this is no different than any other murder. Murders happen every day. Why is this one such a huge deal? And when this woman gets harmed because of the biased and sensationlized reporting, are the networks going to pay her family? Somehow I doubt it.

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