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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan On The Federal Reserve

This story was amusing. Lindsay Lohan sent out a Twitter message, expressing concern about inflation and the Federal Reserve.

It was a "sponsored" Twitter message, promoting a website.

The reaction was amusing. "It was a sponsored Twitter message. Therefore, inflation is not a problem."

Other people said "Linday Lohan should STFU. What does she know about inflation?"

Real inflation is 20%-30% or more. The CPI is a lie.

I've heard this expressed many times. "Celebrities should not express an opinion about politics." Why is that? Celebrities are in a great position to promote alternative viewpoints.

The role of a celebrity is bread and circuses for the masses. If celebrities start talking seriously about politics and expressing forbidden viewpoints, that will threaten insiders. The last thing State insiders want is for people to start thinking independently about economics and politics.

It's OK for a celebrity to say "Support out troops!" That's an approved political message. It's not OK for a celebrity to say "Inflation is really a lot higher than Ben Bernanke says." That's not an approved statement.

There's a custom that celebrities aren't supposed to talk about politics and economics, especially when they promote non-approved viewpoints. That's a type of censorship.


Anonymous said...

> Real inflation is 20%-30%

Damn, I was looking forward to moving some of my money into a 3% account!!!!

Pro-State Troll said...


You fools. America would be lost without the Fed watching over the economy!!!

Down with the free market! Up with economic servitude!

Master Doh-San said...

Could it be that someone set up that whole thing so that people would say "LL is an idiot, therefore the opposite of what she says must be true!"?

FSK said...

That would be a bizarre type of anti-endorsement.

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