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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea

This story was interesting. Scientists have discovered antibiotic resistant gonorrhea.

Refuting the "creationists", this is evidence of evolution.

Vaccines are a legitimate way to treat disease. A vaccine enhances the body's natural immunity. However, I do object to the current trend of having too many vaccines.

An antiobiotic is not a legitimate way to treat disease. Over time, the bacteria develop antibiotic resistance.

Suppose that 99.9999% of the bacteria are killed by antibiotics. Those that survive, are breeding antibiotic resistance. By random chance and mutations, some bacteria have antibiotic resistance.

No matter what precautions you take, over time, antibiotic resistant bacteria will spread. (Also, as vaccines are more commonplace, vaccine-resistant viruses will spread. According to the mainstream science for HIV/AIDS, HIV is a vaccine-resistant virus, due to rapid mutations.)

The State medical cartel promotes symptom-suppressing drugs over other treatments. There may be other better treatments. They are suppressed by the State.

State scientists are finding new antibiotics, patenting them, and charging a high fee. The antibiotic resistant bacteria lead to higher profits for drug corporations!

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a serious problem. Tuberculosis is making a comeback. The State medical cartel promotes research into new antibiotics, and suppresses other techniques. Due to evolution, antibiotics are at best a temporary solution to a disease.


Anonymous said...

>Vaccines are a legitimate way to
>treat disease.

The problem is when vaccines are mixed with toxic materials such as mercury (thimerosal) and other nasty materials meant to provoke a strong immune response.

Mercury is very nasty stuff!!!!

Some people say the trouble with vaccines is that they are injected straight into the bloodstream, whereas naturally they would enter via a muscosal membrane, which would illicit a different, more natural immune response.

Autism is on the rise. Certainly there are more autistic children now than previously. Too many vaccines applied in too short a time with too many nasty mercury things in them may cause problems.

If you want protection from germs you need to cut down on sugars and refined food (pasta, bread etc). These refined foods mess up your body and immune system.

dionysusal said...

Sorry, but you fail here. This is not evidence of anything. They were bacteria before, and they were bacteria after. And there is a ton of evidence that vaccines do way more harm than good. Vaccines are suspected of causing autism.

Mantar said...

Actually, most antibiotic resistance strategies incur a fitness cost upon the bacteria. This means it grows more slowly or is less able to make use of available resources.
In other words, antibiotic restistant strains of bacteria will normally be outcompeted by their non-resistant cousins out in the wild. They only become better adapted inside an organism that's being treated with the specific anitbiotic they resist.

This is why overuse of antibiotics is a problem, especially agricultural overuse which washes down into water reservoirs, making resistance important for wild strains of bacteria as well.

The fitness costs also mean your body will have better odds of fending off a resistant strain than a it would a non-resistant strain of the same bacteria in the absence of antibiotics. The bacteria reproduces more slowly, giving your body more time to mount its defense.

Anonymous said...

@dionysusal +1

Evolution! Ha! Talk about State propaganda...

Anonymous said...

The reason why drugs companies like making antibiotics over vaccines (and, as an aside, they like making antidepressants etc that you have to keep taking) is that it is so damned expensive and time-consuming to actually develop a drug because of all the regulations and trials they have to go through.
While this does at least make sure the drugs are moderately safe, it does also give a massive incentive for them to only make drugs that you have to take many courses (hence someone has to buy them lots of times) than something like a vaccine that cures your problem in one go (only one sold per patient).
That's also why drugs tend to have ridiculously high prices - even at high prices it takes years to earn back the cost of development, and once the patent runs out (which is not a very long time) other companies who didn't have to pay for development can make the drug and sell it for a much lower price.

Also, the vaccine = autism stuff is generally considered as bullshit, isn't it? In the case of the MMR it certainly is...

FSK said...

My opinion on "vaccines->autism" is "not proven either way".

In the USA, there's a law that says vaccine manufacturers are nearly absolutely immune from liability, if they sell a vaccine later proven harmful. If vaccines are so super-safe, then why is there a law shielding drug corporations from liability?

Master Doh-San said...

Actually, this is not evidence of evolution, but evidence of MICRO-evolution.

Mantar said...

Why a law shielding them? It's just standard operating procedure in a capitalist plutocracy. There's nothing special about vaccine manufacturing per se as far as government protectionism is concerned.

And vaccines do not cause autism. The supposed explosion of autism is actually due to reclassification. Kids who formerly got pegged as mentally retarded or having learning disabilities are now being more correctly diagnosed as autistic.
As the rates of autism went "up", the rates for retardation and the like went down. There's no need to look for some reason why autism is rising, because it's always been here, we just called it something else and misunderstood what was going on.

Mantar said...

There is no such thing as "micro-evolution." That's a piece of blatant bullshit dreamed up by creationists.

All of the mechanisms that drive "micro-evolution" also exist and function in the exact same way in larger, longer-lived species, and to pretend that small things evolve and big ones don't is akin to calling the act of putting one foot in front of the other and moving a foot or so "micro-traveling" or somesuch nonsense and pretending that you can't get to a point fifty miles away by doing it over and over again.

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