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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik committed a horrible mass-murder in Oslo, Norway.

(I will refer to him as ABB, to avoid repeating his full name. You know someone is a serious criminal when the media refers to him by all 3 names, including middle name.)

The State solution to any problem is violence. Mass-murder is a type of pro-State trolling. A mass murderer is merely following the State role model for problem solving. According to State propaganda, violence is the solution to every problem. When you notice that the State is one big scam, the only solution is violence.

Suppose that everyone who starts to realize the State is a scam resorts to violence. Then, it's very easy for State police to pick off and eliminate the people who start to sense bits of the truth. It is very traumatic, to realize that almost everything you've been taught is a lie. I'm referring to both logical lies ("Taxation is not theft!") and emotional lies ("You should let psychopaths control you. You should think and feel in certain ways.")

Some people say "ABB was an idiot." That's not true. This attack was *EXTREMELY* well planned. ABB was very intelligent, but misdirected towards evil results.

What is the evidence that this was a well-planned attack? First, he spent weeks/months preparing explosives and practicing. He had a very scientific approach, when determining what type of explosives would work. He experimented with explosives.

Second, it was a two-stage attack. First, he set off a bomb near a government building. The second stage of his plan depended on the chaos caused by the first stage. Exploiting the chaos of the bombing, he pretended to be a policeman. He went into a summer camp, pretending to be a policeman helping with the bombing aftermath, and murdered people. That's an extremely well-prepared plan.

He targeted that summer camp, because it was organized by the ruling Labor party. The camp was attended by children of Labor party insiders. The summer camp was promoting the Labor flavor of statism.

ABB published a 1500+ "manifesto" on the Internet before the attack. Whenever I see such a document, I wonder "Did someone edit it, before releasing it to the general public?"

There was one interesting excerpt, also cited on Reason.

I noticed the woman who celebrated her birthday was working as a judge. A majority of the people at the party where jurists - judges and lawyers in the public sector. I chatted with most of the people at the party. It really struck me how incredibly politically correct everyone were, as if they were all members of the Norwegian Labour Party. I have never before experienced a group of people who are completely freaked out about discussing political issues relating to multiculturalism and Islamisation. I noticed a majority of these people were Labour Party sympathisers. I guess they don’t really have a choice considering the fact that they are all climbing the public sector hierarchy. A thought occurred. The judges during WW2 who had party affiliations with the NS or any affiliation with the SS were prosecuted and imprisoned. Is it therefore only fair that judges of high rank with party affiliations to the Labour Party and the other parties who support multiculturalism (and therefore Islamisation) is to be considered category B or C traitors? They obviously have a considerable responsibility and should be considered traitors of their people.
(BTW, his "category of traitor" classification would correspond roughly to psychopath-Madoff (highest level of traitor), medium-skill parasite (high-ranking bureaucrat), low-skill parasite (low-ranking unionized State employee), and intelligent-but-deluded-and-manipulated.)

ABB went to a meeting for the Labor party. He met judges, lawyers, State employees, and other insiders. ABB was impressed with how evil they were.

This is exactly what happened to Jared Loughner. He saw that Gabrielle Giffords was evil, and became obsessed with her. He met Gabrielle Giffords, and was shocked that she was evil instead of honest and intelligent. ABB noticed that Labor party leaders were almost all evil, and became obsessed with them. ABB met some Labor party insiders, and was shocked that they were evil instead of honest and intelligent.

The actual details of the discussion are meaningless (anti-Islamic). The important point is that they had evil/parasitic/psychopathic body language. They were rude to him when he questioned their beliefs.

Jared Loughner became obsessed with Gabrielle Giffords, because she was one of the most evil people he had ever met, and she was a Congresswoman! What a farce! ABB became obsessed with the Labor party, when he saw that they were a group of evil people, pretending to be honest rulers.

I'm getting better at analyzing writing style. Pro-State troll writing has a certain pattern. Intelligent writing also has a certain pattern. I've read many blogs by many different people. To avoid wasting time reading nonsense, I'm able to almost instantly identify if an author is intelligent or not.

I tried to read ABB's writing, his 1500+ page document. I couldn't read it. It was like reading a blank sheet of paper. It seemed like there was no content at all.

ABB's writing was like a blank sheet of paper. This is a good indication of his mental state. ABB had correctly determined "Everything about mainstream politics is one big lie. Everything I know is a lie." However, he did not find an alternative philosophy. (At one point, he does dismiss libertarians. However, he's writing about the pro-State troll version of libertarianism.) (The pro-State troll version of libertarianism includes advocating for the rights of large corporations. Really, large corporations only exist due to collusion with government.)

ABB probably never had heard about market anarchism or agorism. He'd successfully unlearned his false beliefs, blanking his mind. He never found a replacement philosophy.

Tragedies like Jared Loughner and ABB may have been preventable. If they were exposed to market anarchism instead of uniform mainstream media lies, they might have focused their resistance elsewhere on something useful. On the other hand, from the Statist viewpoint, it's better for disgruntled people to commit senseless acts of violence, rather than trying effective resistance.

Paradoxically, State insiders like it when disgruntled people resort to violence. That makes it easy to dismiss their concerns. It's better for partially-unplugged people to eliminate themselves by violent crime, rather than becoming fully-unplugged and having a more effective pursuit of freedom.

There's another interesting aspect. Norway has a law saying "maximum of 21 years in prison, no matter how serious the crime". There's no death penalty. That's a stark contrast to the USA, where you can almost get a life sentence for nonviolent victimless crimes.

However, Norway's law has a sure-to-be-invoked loophole. If someone is "not mentally competent" or a "risk of re-offending", then they can be detained indefinitely. That makes it surprising that his "lawyer" is advocating an "insanity defense". If ABB is ruled insane, he can be jailed indefinitely! If ruled sane, the maximum sentence is 21 years. ABB is better off with a "guilty" verdict than an "insane" verdict!

Also notice that ABB is defiantly saying "I killed them because they deserved to die!" After several years of torture and solitary confinement, he may change his attitude. State insiders prevented ABB from having a public hearing, because they didn't want him promoting his views. (Youtube also banned a video of him explaining his motivation. Here is a link.)

THAT VIDEO IS OBVIOUSLY A FAKE. I CALL SHENANIGANS. Briefly browsing both the 1500 page document and watching the video, I'M SURE BOTH WERE NOT WRITTEN BY THE SAME PERSON. Who makes a web video, and doesn't appear in it? He didn't even do a voiceover. Notice how both Jared Loughner and ABB made videos promoting their reasoning WITHOUT APPEARING IN THE VIDEO THEMSELVES. I suspect that someone else made the video, and attributed him as author. Notice that ABB is given no opportunity to publicly explain his viewpoint. The "official" reason for his attack will not be questioned.

If part of the motivation for a spectacular crime is "So I can be famous!", then who would make a video without appearing in it at all themselves?! That makes absolutely no sense!

It's much more politically convenient to say "ABB committed his attack because of anti-Muslim hate." rather than "ABB committed his attack, because he realized that Labor party leaders are a bunch of evil people."

That shows a pretty severe sense of fear, when they don't want to give him *ANY* further opportunity to present his viewpoint. ABB is barred from making any public statements. Therefore, the "official" reason for the attack won't be publicly questioned.

Incidents like this are a symptom of the collapse of the State. 30-50 years ago, ABB would have found a good job or started a business, and gotten married. In the present, an intelligent hardworking person has trouble fitting in. This causes them to turn to violent crime and revenge against a corrupt system.

Many people have pointed out that "get a decent job, have a decent salary, have a decent career" is no longer a reliable strategy for meeting women and getting married. Women can earn a living via the State. Many female-oriented "professional" career tracks, like HR and welfare workers, were created to funnel State wealth to women. When women can be supported via the State, they don't need a reliable hardworking man. Literally, part of the money stolen from me via taxes is used to subsidize women so that they don't feel a need to get married to a decent guy.

This is a very serious problem. The economy is controlled by psychopaths and parasites. Someone intelligent and hardworking like ABB has almost no opportunity to get a good job or start a business.

It is a very serious problem, when intelligent people conclude that violent crime is better than getting a productive job.

A determined intelligent person will always find a way to commit mass-murder. No matter what precautions you take, someone can frustrate them.

I've nearly completely cracked my pro-State brainwashing. I'm able to think like a serial killer, but I wouldn't do that. I'm interested in agorism and effective civil disobedience and ignoring stupid laws. Direct violence against State insiders is a waste of time and resources.

Also, ABB was taking steroids, which probably was a significant factor. He may have been taking other drugs. I saw articles saying "ABB was taking drugs!", but no mention of specific drugs. As a concession to pharmaceutical corporations, the specific drugs are not mentioned. (Levi Aron gave his victim Seroquel, a drug I'm currently taking. Contrary to the other drugs I tried, Seroquel seems to be decent.)

Another interesting point is how passive the teenage victims were. They could have rushed ABB and stopped him sooner. As usual, if some of the victims were armed, they might have stopped him before he killed so many people.

Another interesting point is that some people are already saying "This is a false flag operation." That's silly. I believe the official explanation. It's one clever disgruntled person acting alone. (Having zero accomplices helps. There's nobody to point out how stupid your plan is. There's nobody to turn you in.) However, his 1500 page "manifesto" and video may have been edited or written by others, before being publicly released.

Also, ABB mentioned that Vladimir Putin was one of his role models. Putin was offended by the comparison. Putin said "I don't take anyone seriously until they're responsible for at least 10,000 deaths."

Another interesting bit is that ABB played World of Warcraft (WoW). A pro-State troll says "Therefore, WoW is evil." One person who played WoW was a criminal. Therefore, every WoW player is a potential criminal. Is a regular WoW player more likely or less likely to be a violent criminal, compared to the overall population? I'm pretty sure the answer is "less likely". Pro-State trolls will falsely promote "X is evil!" when one criminal also did X, especially when X is something that offends Statists. Statists don't like WoW, because people are forming alternate communities.

Summarizing, there are several key points.
  1. ABB is not an idiot. He's very intelligent. This was a very well-planned attack.
  2. Reading ABB's 1500- page manifesto was like reading a blank sheet of paper. ABB had successfully realized mainstream political debate is a lie. He didn't find an alternate philosophy. It is possible that "manifesto" was not actually written by ABB.
  3. If ABB had heard about agorism or market anarchism, he might have focused on better resistance rather than pointless violence.
  4. ABB met some Labor party insiders, saw how evil they were, and became obsessed with them. It is very disturbing to see State leaders, and realize that they're evil/psychopaths/parasites, rather than being honest and intelligent.
  5. Violence against State insiders accomplishes nothing. There's always someone else available, just as evil, to take their place.
  6. In a time of greater economic freedom, ABB would have found a decent job or started a business, and gotten married. Due to a corrupt economy, someone intelligent like ABB had few options. Therefore, he turned to violent crime.
  7. I can sort of think like a serial killer. Like a serial killer, I've realized that almost everything I've been taught is a lie. However, I'm focusing on more effective resistance.
  8. The shooting victims were totally passive. They didn't try to rush him or stop him. The victims were unarmed, making it easy pickings for one guy with a gun.
  9. State police only clean up after crime. Free market police could better identify people like ABB and help them before they commit serious crimes. There's no personal relationship between police and their customers. "Help a potential criminal" doesn't necessarily mean kidnapping. Under a State system, "stop potential criminals" becomes logically equivalent to "kidnap and torture them". With free market police, there'd be more levels of intermediate help available. With free market police, there would be a more personal relationship between the police and the people they're supposed to be protecting. Free market police would have a greater incentive to identify disturbed people before they commit serious crimes. In the present, the police themselves are insane, limiting their ability to aggressively prevent crime.
  10. Whenever I hear about someone like ABB or Jared Loughner or Thomas James Ball, I think that I could have talked them out of it, if I had an opportunity to explain my philosophy to them.
  11. Some people are saying that ABB is a false flag operation. That's a predictable pattern. Whenever bad thing X happens, someone always says it's an inside job.
  12. The anti-Muslim hate isn't ABB's real concern. His real motivation is that, when he met Labor party insiders, he was shocked to see they were evil/psychopaths/parasites. They were rude to him, when he questioned their beliefs. The State media is hyping the anti-Muslim aspect, because that suits their propaganda agenda.
  13. Buildings that house State leaders are usually well-guarded. There are plenty of softer targets. You can't have military-style guards everywhere.
  14. His video is obviously a fake. What type of person makes a video without themselves appearing in it? Someone made that video after the attack, and attributed him as the author. Anti-Muslim hate is being retconned as the reason for the attack. The real reason for the attack was that he met Labor party leaders and realized how evil they were. Briefly browsing both the 1500 page document and watching the video, I'M SURE BOTH WERE NOT WRITTEN BY THE SAME PERSON.
The crime by ABB was pretty horrible. As the State has greater corruption, it's harder for honest and intelligent people to earn a decent living. Frustrated, they will turn to violence. No matter what precautions you take, a determined intelligent person will succeed at mass-murder.

In a time of greater economic freedom, an intelligent non-insider had plenty of opportunity. They would do productive work rather then crime. They might start a business, or work as an employee in someone else's small business. By sharply limiting economic freedom, intelligent people are frustrated and turn to crime.

ABB correctly sensed massive widespread corruption among State leaders. However, he picked pointless violence instead of better resistance tactics. His "manifesto" and "video" may have been written by others and retroactively attributed to him.


dionysusal said...

>he picked pointless violence instead of better resistance tactics.

Right, so in my book, that makes him an idiot, regardless how intelligent he might otherwise seem.

Anonymous said...

Norway's response is kind of odd, don't you think?

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