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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fight Or Run?

The political and economic system in the USA is collapsing. What can you do to prepare?

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Stay and fight.
  3. Leave for another country.
  4. Stay, but be prepared to flee.
Currently, I'm in the "do nothing" phase. Blogging helps raise awareness. Eventually, I have to transition to more concrete action.

For personal reasons, I can't make any more active preparation moves right now.

"Stay and fight!" is attractive. For personal reasons, I can't move. "This is my home and I'm not leaving!" is a reasonable attitude.

A pro-State troll says "If you don't like it, then leave!" Why shouldn't the statists be forced to leave? Why don't the statists all leave one area, and leave only market anarchists or voluntaryists?

Obviously the State can't voluntarily cede control of any area. First, State thugs never voluntarily give up power. Second, if one area was really free, it would be so prosperous that the most ambitious people from other areas would move there. The reason other people move to the USA is that the USA used to have much more economic freedom than other countries.

"Stay and fight!" doesn't involve violence. It can be agorism. It can be other preparations. It can involve supporting less corrupt politicians, although that's probably a waste of time.

It can be risky to organize a militia or be prepared to use force to defend your freedom or your property. Once you make preparations, State thugs will target you. Undercover police may infiltrate your group. If you are forced to act, you're hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned by the State. No matter how loyal a group you find, they may not be reliable when facing a military assault squad.

Another option is to leave for another country. But to where? The collapse is global.

The Free State Project is having some success in New Hampshire. However, people there still pay property taxes and other taxes. I'll be impressed when some people stop paying property taxes and don't lose their homes.

I've heard that some Latin American countries are attracting ex-US citizens. As more people flee there, it may become more attractive. In those countries, the government is flagrantly corrupt, even more than the USA. People don't trust the government at all. The government is smaller, leading to greater freedom.

In some areas of Mexico, the government has effectively collapsed. Maybe some market anarchists should move there, make peace with the drug cartels, and start a market anarchist colony? I haven't seen anyone try that. (The drug cartels probably would agree to "You can go and operate your business. Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone.")

There may be some 3rd world countries, that could be colonized by an ambitious group of market anarchists. The difficulty is that, if you do have a successful market anarchist community of 100-1000 people, then it's a target for invasion. Even if you have a strong market anarchist community, there's no defense against being carpet bombed. All the State media has to do is say "Those anarchists are selling guns/gambling/drugs/terrorism!", and the zombies will support an invasion.

Another option is to stay and fight, but be prepared to flee if necessary. It depends how bad things get and how rapidly things decay. In a SHTF scenario, you may only need to survive for a few weeks before order starts being restored. If falsely charged with a crime, you may decide to hope for a fair trial, or fleeing might be smarter.

The value of gold and silver is not for a SHTF scenario. As people point out, gold and silver are useless when you're starving or robbed. However, in a SHTF scenario, gold and silver will certainly be more valuable than paper.

The main value of gold and silver is that, if you can hang on until order is restored, then you preserve your purchasing power and your savings. Even in a SHTF scenario, gold and silver can be used to buy things. However, there's a risk that you may be robbed, when others find out you have gold and silver.

"Stockpile food and ammo and bunker up" isn't as useful as it sounds. If a determined enemy sieges you, then you are SOL. Unless you're with a larger group of prepared people, solo preparations won't work.

I'm pretty sure that the collapse is coming. I have no idea what strategy is best. Right now, I have practically zero options. I'm leaning towards "Stay and fight!", but I should be openminded. It depends on how bad things get, and how fast the collapse occurs.


dionysusal said...

Great post. The hippies of the '60s saw the collapse coming and withdrew into drugs. As for myself, I choose to "stay and fight." Maybe if I was 20 years younger, it would be much easier to pick up and start over somewhere else, but not now. Anyway, it might not be as bad as we think. People are very "domesticated" and "civilized" and will not want to return to a "state of nature." My hope is that if the "reset button" is hit, they finally realize that government is not only unnecessary for a "civilized" society, it's the antithesis of it.

Jack Crow said...

I live in NH. The Freestaters are not having success. They are grandstanding carpetbagger idiots who only manage to get themselves arrested in cheap publicity stunts.

And they are roundly despised by those of us who actually want to live here.

Shimshon said...

While I agree that it probably would be possible to make a deal with the drug cartels, my guess is they would want some sort of protection money. But, at least they would really protect you, and have the means to do so.

Anonymous said...

In the film "V for Vendetta" the USA had descended into civil war.

How long do you think the USA can last out for before the dog dirt hits the fan?

How long do you think the UK can last out for?

Anonymous said...

@ Jack Crow,
Your statement of preference - "...those of us who actually want to live here..." puzzles me. Is it that you want to live where the "carpetbagger idiots" merely visit, because they don't want to live there? Or is it that you really don't think the freestaters belong in the "Live Free of Die" state. Perhaps this smacks of a bit of Elite tyranny.

frankcorey said...

In today’s America specific issues resonate the constructs game. The problem is Americans and America can’t make it with constructs—conservative, liberal, libertarian, middle-of-the-road. Only nature’s law governance can and will work.

There is no definition of governance in the USA. What I ( am about is putting the definition of governance on the table in Middle-America terms. Sales calls are made across the board. It’s the website’s prerogative to air this blog or kill it.

Thank you and have a good day.

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