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Friday, July 1, 2011

Modern Marriage Vows

Divorce law is biased against men. Imagine if marriage vows honestly reflected this one sided-contract.

I agree that, my wife may divorce me, without giving a reason, and I will be forced to give up half my property *AND* pay alimony and child support.

I agree that, if my wife chooses to be unfaithful and divorces me, I still have to give her half my property and pay alimony, even if I respected my part of the contract.

I agree that, if I do have children and my wife divorces me, I may have limited opportunity to see them even though I'm forced to pay support.

I agree that, if my wife gets pregnant by another man, I'm still obligated to pay full financial support as if that child were my own.

I agree that, at any time, politicians may change the law and impose additional restrictions on me.
There really should be full disclosure, of all the downsides of marriage.

Even though divorce law is biased against men, you still might benefit from getting married. There are some legal perks for getting married.

If you're a serious agorist, you might decide to *NOT* get a State-licensed marriage. Then, you can put property in your wife's name. If the IRS or State decides to pursue you, they may not be able to steal your wife's property, because you aren't legally married! Also, if you're serious about tax resistance, then your non-State-licenses wide won't be criminally responsible for your tax evasion! (You can also accomplish this somewhat via "married filing separaely".) If your wife also works, you're better off tax-wise *NOT* getting married.

State divorce law is *HEAVILY* biased against men. Honest marriage vows should reflect this. If you're a serious agorist, it might be a good tactical decision to not get a State-licensed marriage, because that protects your wife and her property.

Even though divorce law is biased against men, you may still choose to get married. However, you have to choose your partner *VERY* carefully. Unfair divorce law and State propaganda can make even an honest woman tempted to cheat.


Anonymous said...

>and I will be forced to give up
>half my property

This is wrong in the United Kingdom.

If you have a child (with or without getting married) if the mother decides to leave, you will:


So you don't lose half your property, you lose ALL YOUR PROPERTY EVEN IF UNMARRIED BUT WITH CHILDREN.

When Michael Douglas was ill with cancer, his ex-wife phoned him to tell him she would put back her claim for getting money from his Wall Street II film until he got better!!!!

In Michael Douglas's divorce, the ex-wife asked for the money from any spin-offs from his films that were made when they were married.

So she decided that Wall Street 2 is a spin-off of Wall Street 1. Actually it is more a sequel than a spin-off. The content and themes of both films is very different. There is no significant overlap of real intellectual property.

So when you get divorced you can have scum-bag lawyers trying it on.

You can be shaken down by scum-bags for everymore when you get married.

Anonymous said...

Law cases can be more about stretching the meaning of words than any real valid claim.

Suppose you start a conversation with someone. They walk away in the middle of your sentence and then refuse to communicate with you.

Scumbag lawyers will come at you years later saying there is some verbal agreement.

Scumbag lawyers try it on. They know regardless of the outcome they get their fees.

Anonymous said...

FSK, you are able to explained modern marriage so succinctly! This is what I like about your blog.
I like how you explain things, able to take complex ideas and explain it so people in the general population can understand.
I would love it if you could do more articles on the relationships between a man and woman. eg. picking up, dating, love, marriage, breakups and divorce.
Other topics I would like your views on: Prostitution, cheating on partner, gambling. Darker topics.

Anonymous said...

These unfair laws are a fantastic way of indirectly controlling population while also attacking the family support structure/unit, which just happens to be the state's biggest competitor.

None of this is an accident.

Anonymous said...

Make the slaves ask for permission from their master to be married.

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