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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fear Of Strangers

This story is horrible. A man murdered an 8 year old boy. The boy was walking home alone for the first time.

The State media loves stories like this. They are a hidden advertisement for the State.

The State police are the heroes, catching the criminal. Even without a State police monopoly, this criminal probably would have been caught.

Much police work does not involve clearcut crime. For example, there are some NYPD policemen who do nothing but kidnap people who "operate a taxi without a license". Those police are criminals employed by the taxi medallion cartel, rather than protectors of freedom.

By overhyping incidents where the police succeed and solve real crime, that reinforces the illusion that everything the State police do is beneficial.

There's another fnord in this story. A child was murdered by a stranger. Therefore, every stranger is a bloodthirsty murderer. Everyone is a potential murderer, and the State police monopoly is needed to keep them in line.

Just because there was one criminal, does not mean that everyone is at risk.

Most people are decent. Only a minority are criminals. However, State law restricts everyone's freedom, just to catch the handful of bad people.

For example, some people used a gun to commit a crime. Therefore, everyone other than policemen should be barred from owning guns. Fear is used to promote the State control agenda. The propaganda ignores the correct solution; owning a gun is the best defense against violent crime.

The State media loves stories like this one. The police are heroes, solving a real crime. This is propaganda, creating the illusion that everything police do is beneficial. By hyping one evil person, this creates the illusion that every stranger is a potential criminal, reinforcing the need for the State police monopoly.

It is horrible that the boy was murdered. It is interesting to notice the hidden advertisements, in the way the State media presents the story. The hype helps promote the State.


Anonymous said...

Another "evil fnord" (interesting expression. that) which you didn't really go into is the "don't talk to strangers" message the State likes to give out, on the pretext that they might be strangers/paedophiles/etc. This means that now most people don't really socialise except with people they have to (say, they work with them). Talking to strangers is discouraged, as it prevents ideas getting around which may run counter to State propaganda.

FSK said...

There are "good fnords", which are hints to help people figure out what's going on.

Examples of good fnords are: "The Matrix", "The Fullmetal Alchemist", "Death Note", and others.

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