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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Horrible Bosses - Horrible Propaganda

There's a new "comedy" film out. As usual, there's a hidden advertisement for the State. "Horrible Bosses" contains many evil fnords.

The propaganda is:

My boss is an evil abusive jerk. My only recourse is murder/violence.
That's slave-oriented thinking.

A sane person in a really free market would say:
My boss is an abusive jerk. I'll find a new job. I'll try to start my own business.
This propaganda movie emphasizes slave/State values. The characters don't consider switching jobs. This is a hidden advertisement for State violence against small business owners. (Notice how 2 out of 3 of the main characters are employed by abusive bosses in small businesses - construction and a dentist.)

Most people will take the narrow view and blame their abusive boss. They don't blame the State and a corrupt system. Slaves are forced to give up their surplus labor via taxes. The State allocates this surplus by violence and political maneuvering. The system guarantees that the most evil people wind up owning everything and making all the decisions. High taxes support parasites and psychopaths. High taxes make it hard to save up money and start a business.

Most people will falsely blame their evil boss. They should blame the corrupt system. The State was set up by evil people for their own benefit.

My employer has an explicit State-backed monopoly. My bosses got their jobs due to political maneuvering. They are not people who could build a successful business in a really free market.

The characters all reconcile with their bosses at the end of the movie. In my experience, that *NEVER* happens. If you have a lousy boss, your only recourse is to switch jobs. I have *NEVER* seen a lousy work environment get better.

There's another evil fnord in the movie. The characters try to hire a hitman. If you try to hire a hitman on the Internet, it's 99+% likely that you're going to hire an undercover cop, rather than someone who will really help you.

The movie "Horrible Bosses" has many evil fnords. Only a slave would try to murder his boss. A sane person would quit and get a new job. A bad work environment *ALMOST NEVER* improves. Also, if you try to hire a hitman, you're almost definitely going to hire an undercover cop.

"Horrible Bosses" emphasizes slave values and not free thinking. The three main characters don't decide "Let's quit and start our own business!", which is how free people would act in a really free market.


Anonymous said...

I once interviewed at a bank. There was one pre-interview, one separate written test on another day and a third set of interviews on yet another day. So three separate trips in total.

I had worked for about 10 - 12 years at that time.

I managed to get 100% correct in the written test. In the oral test (again about an hour) I got virtually all the questions correct. In fact the only question I don't think I got was a silly, trivial one concerned more with environments than programming and the guy just moved on before I had time to speak.

Anyway at the end of the oral technical questions, the other guy who hadn't spoken to me before said I wasn't suitable as I had 5 previous jobs. Now 5 previous jobs in about 10 - 12 years isn't that bad. Lots of people are in the same boat.

Part of the reason why I left my first two jobs was the pay was ridiculously low for living in an expensive city and the hours were long (50 - 65 hours per week). Actually at the time if I was on welfare benefits I would have had a better deal. Back then in London quite a few employers took advantage of recent graduates and paid lousy starting salaries.

But it seems if you leave jobs, this Swiss bank will hold it against you.

Anonymous said...

>A sane person in a really free
>market would say:
> My boss is an abusive jerk. >I'll
>find a new job. I'll try to start >my
>own business

I once was near a man that was an ex-bankster. At the least he was passive aggressive. I couldn't work out whether he was stupid or dishonest or some combination of both. Certainly he got other people to lie (perhaps only indirectly though) to clients. If something had to be stolen he would get an underling to do it and not get his own hands dirty.

One day out-of-the-blue he started a strong, verbal attack on me. He said I was mentally ill and totally unlike the people he had worked with before in his previous banking jobs.

The fact is that I was sane and made the decisions of a sane man.

He only wanted to destroy, steal and re-write history. He was full of dirty tricks and scams.

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