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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DSK And False Rape Accusations

The false rape accusation against DSK seems to be unraveling, due to the credibility of the accuser.

There were holes in this from the beginning. In a high-class hotel, the staff is *NEVER* supposed to be in the room the same time as the customer.

Also, DSK is an idiot if he did have consensual sex with her, as he claims. He can afford a decent prostitute. (Prostitution should not be illegal. If DSK had hired a high-class prostitute, nobody would have complained.)

Amusingly, the only concession was a lightening of bail terms. The prosecutors can't admit "This case is a POS. We're dropping it." Having said that DSK was guilty of rape, they can't back down. The prosecutors are protected by sovereign immunity. There are no negative consequences for the prosecutors, if they pursue a criminal case with flimsy evidence. The prosecutors can use taxpayer-funded State resources to harass DSK, while DSK is spending a fortune on legal expenses and he's prevented from returning to France.

It also is hypocritical. The accuser lied to a grand jury, even if you still believe the prosecutor's "official story". Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were prosecuted for perjury. The lying accuser should be prosecuted for perjury. I doubt that will happen, because State insiders want to encourage women to make false rape accusations.

In France, DSK is a semi-hero now. A lot of French people see him as the victim of an over-aggressive US government.

They had a high-profile "perp walk", where the police escorted DSK in handcuffs. The "perp walk" is staged for the media. The "perp walk" helps ruin the defendant's presumption of innocence, because the media displays him shamed in handcuffs. In France, it's illegal to broadcast a "perp walk" until a defendant is convicted.

There is a valid reason to be angry at the IMF, due to its policy of economic imperialism. DSK is definitely a parasite and maybe a psychopath. However, he probably didn't do this specific thing.

It's amusing to see prosecutors say "If DSK is acquitted, now women will be reluctant to make rape claims." Women SHOULD be reluctant to make false rape claims.

I'd like to see a return to the Roman custom, where someone who makes a false criminal complaint suffers a severe penalty. In the present, there's no downside for a woman to make a false rape accusation.

In the present, it's way to easy for women to make false rape accusations. DSK probably is a parasite or psychopath, but he probably didn't do this specific crime. There are plenty of other valid reasons to be angry at the IMF.


DC said...

Do I smell a plea bargain?

What will it be?

If he was one of the "little people" his ass would be grass by now.

The acceptable burden of proof for rape has fallen way too low. I am sure it will swing the other way. This case will help the pendulum gain momentum.

FSK, sometimes the best prostitutes are the cheapest . . . not that I would know.

dionysusal said...


No relation I assume. :)

Anyway, I smell a rat in this whole thing. It looks to me like there is a lot of infighting going on within the criminal network as it falls apart, and DSK is caught in some kind of crossfire.

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