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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is It Immoral To Pay Taxes?

The official State lie is "You are morally obligated to pay taxes. You have to pay your 'fair share' of all the beneficial things that government does."

I assert the opposite. The State is one huge criminal conspiracy. You have a patriotic obligation to avoid taxes.

Taxes are used for evil things. If you pay taxes, you're supporting evil. If you pay taxes, you're contributing to my enslavement.

There is one partially convincing counter-argument. "I don't want to place myself at risk. I know taxes are evil. I go along with it, out of concern for my personal safety."

Suppose that everyone simultaneously decided that taxes were evil and they're not paying anymore. That would be the end of the State. The police wouldn't obey orders anymore, because their paycheck would be worthless.

Suppose that everyone else pays taxes, and you're the only one resisting. You are SOL. State thugs can afford to spend a lot of resources tracking you down and arresting/kidnapping you.

Even if the cost of prosecution and jail is greater than the value of taxes collected/stolen, it's worth it. State thugs can afford to spend millions of dollars prosecuting one person. That sets an example and keeps the other slaves in line.

What is the true risk of tax evasion? How can you know? If you're low-profile and only owe a little, then you might get away with it. If you have a larger audience, then it's a greater priority to make an example of you. Most of the "tax protester" convictions are people who were also advising others to dodge taxes. It's impossible to know how many people avoid taxes and get away with it.

If you're good at criticizing the State, then it's a high priority to make an example of you. The laws are written so that an ambitious prosecutor can charge anyone of a crime.

Right now, I get paid on a W-2. I have no options for tax evasion. I should start agorist side businesses, and deal entirely in cash. If I want to start a business, it probably would have to be agorist-style. Taxes and regulations make it very hard to legally bootstrap a small business. Part of the taxes I pay subsidize my larger corporate competitors.

According to State propaganda, the slaves have a patriotic obligation to pay taxes. Actually, you have a patriotic obligation to avoid taxes. Taxes are used for evil things. If you voluntarily pay taxes, you're directly contributing to my enslavement. If most slaves voluntarily pay tribute, then State thugs can afford to spend a lot of resources silencing dissent.

You might say "I'm afraid of getting caught and jailed." If you're smart about it, the risk should be low. Direct taxation rates are over 50%. There are more hidden indirect taxes. There is risk, but also a nice reward. If you're an obedient slave, then you lose more than half your life to taxes.

"Be an obedient slave" won't work much longer. The system is collapsing under corruption and inefficiency.


Anonymous said...

Arabs and Russians come to London with plundered wealth. They buy a big house in the same of a foreign company. So they avoid taxes.

When a United Kingdom citizen buys a house he/she has to pay tax. When a family member dies, the remaining family is thrown out into the street to pay the 40% inheritance tax.

A Russian with plundered wealth in London is treated better than a hard-working citizen.

Living under a roof is a fundamental right.

David Cameron promised to raise the inheritance tax limit before he was elected. As soon as he formed the coalition government he broke faith with his stated views.

The thugs in office want to chuck people out into the street to pay their expenses.

A Russian with plundered wealth is treated better because he/she has the money to pay lawyers to dream up tax avoidance schemes.

Russians are allowed to own property in London. UK citizens are not.

If you criminally break into a house in London you are allowed to stay under squatters' rights. The government will even pay for your lawyer to keep you in the house.

If you buy a house in the UK you are a mug. The government will pay for lawyers for people that steal your house from you. If a family member dies the house now belongs to the government.

The coalition government in the UK punishes those that work.

Anonymous said...

"Taxes are used for evil things. If you pay taxes, you're supporting evil. "

Roads are evil
Defence is evil
Schools are evil
clean(er) air is evil
putting away criminals is evil
since you say the things taxes pay for are evil.

Probably you dont mind benefitting from these evils, just dont want to pay for them.

Its not a buffet dude! If the plate comes with steak and potatos, you still have to pay for the potato, even if you dont want to eat it.

But the steak... you likely have no problem eating that. You think you shouldnt have to pay anything for the meal because of the damn potato being there. Theres probably a few vegetarians who feel the other way.

Even if just offerred the steak, you would still find some reason to feel justified in not paying for it, right after you ate the whole thing.

What a lovely (scarcasm) world it would be if we only paid for the services we want. You know, old people not having to pay for schools, healthy not for the sick, rich not for the poor, people whose sh doesnt stink not having to pay for sewage..

So, i guess you benefit in no way from the taxes the other "slaves" pay? Yes, you are a free man. Free to leech off those who think this system works. You are free to be a freeloading hypocrite who justifies their selfish acts by looking for the potatos on the plate.

-State THUG

Anonymous said...

>You have to pay your 'fair share'
>all the beneficial things that
>government does."

You must be having a laugh?

If you get sick in the United Kingdom the National Health Service will NOT help you.

Witness the female doctor who got cancer and was refused treatment.

The list goes on.

All the thugs will want is to get hold of parking fees from you when you visit a sick relative in hospital.

Or they will want to rent you a television for payment in your hospital room.

The NHS won't help you when you get sick.

All the money goes to government friends.

Anonymous said...

If you get sick in the United Kingdom, your GP doctor won't want to pay any money out of his/her budget to help you and so you are s*** out of luck.

Why should your government paid doctor lose out to help you? He/she only gets a fixed budget a year, you know? This becomes more relevant if he/she has to refer you to a specialist. Why should his money go to another doctor?

The fact that he gets paid from your taxes is irrelevant!

The NHS is being slowly privatized.

Anonymous said...

If you steal money from Russia and move to the UK and see dodgy lawyers, you don't have to pay taxes.

If you work in the UK you have to pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

>Roads are evil

Roads are paid for by a direct vehicle tax. There is nothing wrong with that.

>Schools are evil

I went to a government funded school in London. A vast majority of the teachers were rubbish. I had to teach myself from books I purchased myself.

Anonymous said...

To the second Anonymous commenter on this page, why should I have to move out of my house to live on the street in the cold to pay taxes so that government workers and politicians can live a charmed life doing no real work for vast sums of money?

What use is a road if I die on the streets of cold because the government has taken my house in order to pay a 40% tax on it?

FSK said...

It's nice to see that people than me are criticizing the pro-State trolls.

Only a tiny percentage of government is actually useful. There's a lot of pork and waste.

For example, the military is one huge boondoggle, more than protecting my freedom.

If taxes were only a couple percent, people would pay without complaining. With 50% direct taxes plus more indirect taxes, I'm working for the State more than I'm working for myself.

Even if taxes were magically reduced to a couple percent, State thugs have a monopoly, and they'd start jacking them up again.

Anonymous said...

I heard recently that one-third of UK council tax goes towards paying the pensions of former council workers.

I don't know if the next thing I say is true, but I've also heard that council tax goes towards giving immigrants cars to help them find work.

When I was unemployed through no fault of my own, if someone gave me some money I could have started my own business. But because I am a UK citizen I was s*** out of luck.

Council tax should be used to collect rubbish. Not all these extra things.

Council directors earn several hundred thousand pounds a year. Councils only have to collect the rubbish once a week or now once every two weeks.

Why is a director of rubbish collection worth half a million pounds a year?

There is nothing wrong with paying for services, but this is outright theft.

DC said...

You don't want the potatoes? What's wrong with you? You can't just pick and choose what you want to eat. You're going to eat these here potaoes whether you like it or not because everybody who comes into this restaurant eats potatoes. . and they like potatoes. . . because I says so. . . and if you say one word otherwise to these good potato eating patrons then I got a gun right hear on my hip that will speak up and press against your flesh. You like those potatoes now don't you boy . . .

Anonymous said...

Two articles to consider:

"The Misinformed Tea Party Movement"

"Idiocracy By the Numbers: New Data Show Many Americans Have No Idea They Receive Government Benefits"

Anonymous said...

The fools that run UK councils invested a lot of cash in the Icelandic banks that went bust.

That is your money they lost.

Council tax should be payment for the council to collect your rubbish.

It should not be for 500, 000 UK pounds a year salaries, nor to send out to Icelandic banks that went bust.

Most people can't afford council tax. It is just too high.

MuggedDaily said...

Wow, the "State TUG" is a communist, who probably secretly thinks he is a "proud american". Buddy, you would be a shame, a grave turning shame for say Jefferson.

You say we like all those things the state does. How do you know? You don't. In fact you know nothing. You're just a big mouth.

I do drive on the roads. Whould you LIKE me to NOT drive on them anymore, even though you and your state still extorts the tax from me? Get it? I pay anyway, drive or not. This is why I drive. I want to use up all the taxes I paid, and more if possible.

Show me which of your fucking services I consume willingly, not because you make me pay for it?

It is people like you, that give a bad name to Americans.

I would gladly sign up a waver TODAY that I would stop using any of the public services if I stop paying taxes.

You know how everyone (but commies) know that government id a scam? Because a true government exists on voluntary principles. Not unlike social security when is was started. A Tyrannical government can not afford to offer a choice, because it knows, that majority will immediately use that choice!

So, you and your bullshit about how it generally works is just that. The proof is in the pudding, that if majority of citizens would prefer to pay taxes, instead of opting out and pay direct fees for services, then you WOULD NOT BE AFRAID to offer the choice to opt out. The reason you are not offering, is because you know, in your conscience, and it shows by your actions, that a majority would opt out. There. That it the price of all your lies.

You are like a wife beater, you keep shouting how she likes it, yet you do not dare to let her file for divorce.

Got enough balls to see if you're right? I doubt it. The likes of you never do.

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