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Friday, March 25, 2011

Will Bradley Manning Ever Get Out Of Prison?

This story was interesting. P.J. Crowleyworked for the State department. He said "Bradley Manning was mistreated. That was a mistake." He was "forced to resign".

That's amusing. When an insider tells a forbidden truth, he isn't fired. He's "forced to resign". It would be nice to see someone with the balls to say "I'm not resigning. If you want to fire me, then go ahead and fire me." Unfortunately, most insiders are spineless cowards. Even after being "forced to resign", he'll get a cushy job somewhere else. The incentive is for him to not rock the boat and ruin the gravy train.

It is offensive, that insiders are fired whenever they say a forbidden truth. "Bradley Manning was tortured. It makes us look bad." is pretty obvious. Insiders had two choices:

  1. Sentence Bradley Manning to a couple years in prison, but otherwise treat him decently.
  2. Torture him.
Solitary confinement is a type of torture. After awhile, it wears you down. Bradley Manning may be forcibly drugged. Based on my experience, psychiatric drugs have severe negative effects and also a "truth serum" effect.

Bradley Manning's captors are treating him as less than human.

Bradley Manning's biggest mistake was signing up for the military. His father talked him into it.

Bradley Manning doesn't get a jury trial. It's a military trial, with generals as judges. How can Bradley Manning get a fair trial, when the prosecutor and judge are both soldiers? Almost every criminal trial has this defect. Both the prosecutor and judge work for the State.

The Guantanamo Bay detainees have the same problem. It's going to be a farce of a trial, instead of a fair trial. Bradley Manning's defense is "This is evidence of crime! I leaked it because my bosses were covering up crime!" That won't work when the judge is a parasite/psychopath general. Bradley Manning doesn't get the opportunity to argue "jury nullification" in front of a civilian jury. He doesn't even get the farce of "due process" that most criminals get.

The point of torture is punishment and to set an example. If Bradley Manning were tortured with no public disclosure, there's no point. With high-profile torture, that sets an example for other leakers and others who would disobey orders.

According to natural law, Bradley Manning isn't a criminal. He's a hero. He didn't "leak State secrets". He leaked evidence of criminal activity. The State has no legitimate claim to any property, including "secrets". Insiders use secrecy to control the slaves. Insiders use secrecy to cover up crime.

By torturing Bradley Manning, he's been turned into a folk hero. Once he gets out of prison, he'll be a high-profile and credible critic of the State and war.

Therefore, State thugs can never release Bradley Manning. If they do release him, he's going to be publicly criticizing them. Therefore, they must keep him in prison for the rest of his life.


Anonymous said...

He's like Nelson Mandela. A political prisoner. If he gets out he might be elected president.

Anonymous said...

These are easy words to say from an armchair, but the army generals really need to man-up (or human-up or woman-up).

The army should be responsible foremost to God (or humanity or all humans on the planet whatever you think is best) first, then their comrades and their fellow citizens. At the very bottom of that list is government or maybe not on it at all.

The army needs to free Bradley and tell the politicians to f*** off.

Anonymous said...

It is a fair bet that unless Bradley's guards are brainwashed idiots, then they too will be thinking it is all a load of bull and that he is being tortured.

Likewise their commanding officer will be thinking the politicians are toss pots and Bradley is being tortured and that even if he did commit a crime it is small and not deserving of the way he is being treated.

But nothing happens.

When will the worm turn against those weak cowardly politicians?

FSK said...

Almost definitely, there are some people who work for the government who know what's going on. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered.

Not everyone is a clueless twit.

"Almost all the leaders are criminally insane!" is a serious problem. I'm not the only one who's noticed. Even if you believe "The authority of the US government is legitimate!", this is a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

I've dealt with people at various levels of insanity. It ain't pleasant. One of them used to work for a major bank with a nasty reputation. He is completely insane. He would tell different sets of lies to different people at different times. He knew what he could get away with. He never wanted to do sensible work that could make money honestly. He always wanted to loot and pillage. Lie to clients at some level. Rip off clients. Steal from colleagues. It was all the same to him.

He and his ilk have increased taxes in the UK for everyone.

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