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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scott Adams And Self-Censorship

This story was interesting. Scott Adams made a blog post, observing how State law is biased against men.

That post was heavily criticized. It was very popular.

Scott Adams took down the post, because he didn't want to offend people.

If you're blogging and have a controversial post, that's an indication of success!

Scott Adams already has a successful mainstream media career. He isn't going to risk that, just to tell the truth. He was forced to self-censor and remove that popular post. If he didn't, his publisher might have fired him.


dionysusal said...

Scott Adams wrote some things critical of Darwinism and supportive of Intelligent Design, and the Darwinoids screamed bloody murder over it. When you get too close to the truth, the ones propping up the lie get very defensive.

Anonymous said...

This was something I had a very hard time believing in. That most people would consciously lie most of the time. I did not lie. Well, not always and not like this, never about anything important. I could not believe that others think and act consciously to harm people around them by telling a lie.

These days, I realize this is the only explanation of why so much is going on. This is the only way that blatantly fake and obvious 9-11 fraud could remain the "official version". Apparently this is true, most people lie, and they are the ones you supposed to repect.

So, this incident is just another proof of general evilness in people, especially successful ones. I'd never ever pull the post like that. But he did. He chose to lie rather than break the bond. So, if he was an investigator of 9-11 and he saw that it was a fraud, but all the people of his circle were of different opinion, he would have let them get away with a lie, as he cares not about the truth.

This Blog Has Moved!

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