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Thursday, March 17, 2011

President Obama Endorses Bullying

This story was funny. President Obama says that he's opposed to certain types of bullying. However, bullying is acceptable when used against:
  1. people who refuse to pay taxes
  2. people who want to use incandescent light bulbs
  3. people who don't want to purchase health insurance
  4. people who want to use gold and silver as money
  5. people who are detained at the Guantanamo Bay death camp
  6. Bradley Manning
  7. people who hire "illegal immigrants"
  8. people who grow, sell, or smoke marijuana
  9. people who operate a business without a State permit
  10. people who hand out "jury nullification" pamphlets in front of courthouses
  11. people who drive their car without getting a permit from the State
Bullying is the *WHOLE POINT* of government.

Government uses intimidation to keep the slaves in line. By torturing Bradley Manning, that makes other soldiers less willing to leak evidence of military crime. By punishing those who disobey and heavily hyping it, State thugs try to intimidate everyone else into obedience.

Schools explicitly encourage bullying. Schools ability-group students and grade on a curve. This encourages the weaker students to resent the stronger students.

When you age-group students, the most aggressive students get to be bullies. The bullies grow up to be policemen, bureaucrats, or middle managers.

The State *NEEDS BULLIES* in order to function properly. One side-effect of State school is that a certain distribution on personality types is created, based on where people fit in to the school pecking order.

It is hypocritical for President Obama to criticize bullying. The *WHOLE POINT* of government is bullying and intimidation.


DC said...

To corroborate your point: The worst bully in my high school eventually went on to become sheriff of the county. Everyone in the school knew he was a self absorbed asshole. It is hard to fool kids. Somehow he also managed to be class president.
As you are well aware the state functions only through fear, much like the bully in a school.
I wonder if there could be a state without fear?
People in the US have been psychologically abused by fear of state abuse for at least 170 years. Every business and person fears the state on a daily basis in one way or another. Is that a good way to live? Living in fear of doing something wrong based on a law that you don't even know about.
That seems like ultimate bullying.
Good post FSK

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing, FSK. If we are to have a government that does not use it's force to bully those who against the law, then there can be no law.

Sure, I might be able to protect myself, and my family. But what does a single girl or a woman do, who is not a martial arts master, does not have a boyfriend, has no guns?

So, the government supposed to use the overwhelming physical force, agree?

The main issue is not that the government is a necessary evil, but that through the principle of theft (citizens voting on property of others, government alleges that is owns all roads, poor demanding the property of the rich) the use of force by the government becomes uncontrollable.

So, I think this is the main of the main, the golden rule that should be enforced against the government and everyone else: do not break any contract that you legitimately signed even if it harms you or your property, and do anything you want that does not harm someone else or their property, unless under contract with them. Anything that does not satisfy this condition shall have no force, no legal standing.

So, if government promised someone a fat pension, the government must be made to satisfy the obligation, by force. On the other hand, if I did not promise to fund that pension, then it is the politician that should be jailed or denied life, as he shouldn't have signed the contract before he could secure my promise.

I see your point, of course, in that Obummer has balls to openly and outrageously lie about the main principle of the government being the brute force. It's just that this post comes off as slightly on the cranky side, anarchist side. Unless, you believe that there is no need for the government all together, of course.


FSK said...

Are you paying attention? I'm a market anarchist or agorist.

Even without a government, real crimes would be punished. I object to the government violence monopoly. That leads to abuse.

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