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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smart Dictators Use Gold

This story was interesting. Gaddafi's international bank accounts were frozen.

You shouldn't trust the State banking system. All it takes is a request by a State thug, and your State bank account is frozen.

However Gaddafi was smart. He has a huge pile of gold! He took physical delivery. If necessary, he can use this gold to pay his mercenaries for months!

State comedians denigrate gold at every opportunity. When the chips are down, smart dictators use gold.

However, a pile of gold is not infinitely useful. It's only good until it's used up!

Some smart insiders are converting their savings to gold and preparing for a SHTF scenario.


123 said...

There is a state comedian, ready to "debunk" the great example of the usefulness of gold, but he prefers to say he is debunking "the idea that Gaddafi might need gold to finance his operations". You can find his video on GoldSeek. I feel like there are certain materials all the gold sites must place as indistinguishable from their own, or they will be found in violation of some code. Jon Nader sure looks like he was placed at the top of Kitco commentary section, like a professor placed at some university chair by the government.

Anyway, the comedian was saying "The notion that this gold is being used to finance Gaddafi’s war is a faulty one. While 143.8 tons sounds like a lot, it is merely 6 percent of the country’s total foreign currency reserves. The U.S. has nearly 74 percent of its reserves in gold and no one is suggesting we are financing our battles with gold." I thought I'd let you chuckle on that one!

This comedian is not really up to what we know and what level we are thinking at. He just treated us as if we were as dumb and plain as the 1930's generation, that allowed this great country to become what it is.

The state felt that there needs to be a "debunking" video, because someone just realized that by warring with smart people, the state is essentially bound to promote gold ownership. There is no reason that Obama won't turn around tomorrow and declares that you or I or anyone else must die, for whatever the number of "civilians saved", without any declaration of war or any shed of legality. And then, he will freeze all your funds everywhere, and you are going to need the gold to save your head.

I think that the fact that these days, the politicians are brazen enough to actually openly declare that they are freezing so and so accounts, shows the degree of decadence the society has fallen to. Basically they openly announcing the grand theft and everyone is o.k. with that, not asking themselves the question: "If theft is accepted, then where are my guaranties?"

Judging by the level of insanity around me, the end must be near.

Scott said...

"The U.S. has nearly 74 percent of its reserves in gold"

Sounds pretty unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I think he's talking about "foreign reserves". As such, US doesn't need any, because it prints the reserve currency at will, err... borrows it.

Scott said...

I see. He got that number from which states US gold reserves have the value of 73.9% of foreign exchange reserves. But it's irrelevant since one is not assigned to the other and the value of each is miniscule compared to financial dealings of the government. Also, it is widely known that that gold, which is stored at Fort Knox, was sold off decades ago and no longer exists. So this doesn't matter in every possible way. The only reason someone tosses out a number like "74%" in such context is they are trying to cover things up by confusing the public.

Anonymous said...

...And it is all too easily confused. I test folks regularly, and I keep getting "maximum brainwashing" readings. I keep hear that "you can't eat gold", and when I ask them "well then, can I eat dollars?" I just get the blank stare - there was nothing written in their brain by the government to answer to that. It's like the division by zero.

I am starting to see the hidden meaning in "kill the zombies" movies. LoL!

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