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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is Barry Bonds' Perjury Trial Worth $0.16?

This story is interesting. Barry Bonds' perjury trial started.

According to that article, State prosecutors spent $10M-$50M on this trial. Using the $50M figure, dividing by 300M Americans, I personally paid $0.16 for this trial.

You might say "So what? $0.16 is negligible." If you multiply $0.16 by *ALL* the stupid and wasteful things government does, then it's a lot of money. "Steal $0.16 from each American and spend it on something stupid!" is only possible via the State violence/taxation monopoly.

State thugs are pursuing Barry Bonds to "set an example". This makes him a political prisoner. If you lie to State thugs, that's disrespecting them and a crime.

It's an asymmetric relationship, between the slave and his owners. State thugs are allowed to lie to you. Undercover police can pretend to be your friend and your customer, just so they can charge you with a crime. It's a serious offense to lie to State thugs.

This leads to the oft-quoted slogan "DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE! NO MATTER WHAT! EVEN IF YOU'RE SURE YOU'RE INNOCENT!" If you make a mistake during interrogations, and the police can prove you lied, then you're guilty of "lying to the police", even if they can't convict you of anything else. So many people have thought "I'm a good guy. I have nothing to fear.", and they wind up in jail.

Blagojevich and Martha Stewart were convicted for "lying to the police", even though the other charges against them couldn't stick. DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE!

I wonder if I could uphold "Don't talk to the police!" I'd be tempted to try to convince them that they're doing evil. I'd probably try to convince them that they're evil, without revealing details of my personal business. That might be stupid.

If I criticize the State, promote agorism, and practice agorism, then I will probably be falsely charged with a crime eventually.

"Lying to the police" or "lying to Congress" or "lying to a grand jury" isn't really a crime. The State's authority isn't legitimate. Therefore, it isn't really a crime to lie to them. It isn't a crime to lie to a bully. It isn't a crime to lie to someone who's threatening you with violence.

Unfortunately, most people don't know the State is a scam. They will support prosecuting people who lie to State thugs.

Did Barry Bonds use steroids? Did he lie about it? He probably did. That isn't a crime. It should be a civil matter between him and MLB. Otherwise, it's none of the government's business.

The lesson is "If you lie to us, then we will ruin you." This is entirely a politically-motivated trial. Barry Bonds is a high-status slave. He's still a slave. By ruining a high-ranking slave, that helps keeps the other slaves in line.

Lehman Brothers lied and committed accounting fraud. Nobody was prosecuted. Banksters committed fraud and perjury in "foreclosuregate". Nobody was prosecuted. The Barry Bonds trial is a circus. It's a distraction from the trillions of dollars the banksters stole.

Suppose you say "WTF? You're prosecuting me but not other people." The judge will say "The fact that other people are not prosecuted does not excuse your criminal conduct."

There are two justice systems, one for insiders and one for everyone else. The banksters steal and lie and get away with it. Barry Bonds is harshly punished for a non-crime. The Barry Bonds trial is a distraction from more serious issues.

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Scott said...

It's a crazy situation because it is like campaign finance spending. The more you spend the more likely to win. If the state decides it is going to spend $60 million to prosecute you, it will cost you at least $60 million of your own money to have even odds. How is that a fair trial? It's not at all. Most people do not have $60 million to spend on defense. If I had $60 million to spend on lawyers I could probably put together a reasonable case that would result in my owning Google outright based on some absurd premise. $60 million on lawyers buys you a lot of legal arguments. It is impossible to defend oneself against someone spending $60 million on lawyers who intends to destroy you. That is not justice though.

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