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Friday, March 4, 2011

$3.7 Trillion Wasted

The projected Federal budget for next year is $3.7 trillion. That's a lot.

Here's a way to get that number into perspective. There are approximately 300 million Americans. $3.7T divided by 300M is $10k per person.

The Federal government costs $10k per person! (BTW, I pay more than $10k in Federal income taxes.) That's almost enough to buy everyone a new car!

That's a good analogy. Would you rather have the Federal government, or a new car *EVERY YEAR*? I'd prefer to opt out. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice. If I refuse to pay tribute, then people with guns will come to kidnap/kill me.


Anonymous said...

Over my life I must have paid a fortune in taxes. In the UK I pay about 30% income tax. Plus every time I buy anything that isn't basic food, I pay 20% Value Added Tax. VAT is added to even essential things such as electricity and gas!

Inheritance tax is an eye-watering 40% and is so high as to force people out of their homes in order to pay a tax bill. David Cameron promised to raise the inheritance tax limit before he was elected. Despite only 1 in 5 people voting for him, he became Prime Minster and promptly dropped his promise in order to form a coalition government with a bunch of clowns only barely qualified to present children's television.

It is a strange government that will throw you out of your home!

Quite how that sits now with European law saying people have the right to a home!

As usual these rights only apply for foreigners or people that refuse to work. If you work for a living you have no rights whatsoever.

I forgot about council tax which can be well over 1 - 2 thousand pounds a year.

The trouble is that if you get sick you can't count on the National Health Service helping you. So all the tax does is to make sure you can't have any savings that you could use yourself for private treatment.

The only people that can afford to pay taxes and have money left over for private treatment are CROOKS that work for the government (directly or indirectly) or in banking.

dionysusal said...

Math is POWER! :)

DC said...

. . . and that is just the Federal government.
Here is a fun new tax on electric bills in CT this year, it is called the "Economic Transition Charge" put in place to fund the state budget deficit for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. (public act 10-179) This cost me $1.88 last month on a total electric bill of $89. That is a new 2% tax on electricity.
I am amused by the names that are chosen for new taxes. "Economic transition charge" sounds so sweet and hopeful. We should not forget about other cute names for taxes on the electric bill such as the "combined public benefit charge", which is a combination of other taxes with very well thought out cute names.
I am outraged by this new 2% tax and I am going to call my electric company and refuse to pay it.
If 50% of the citizens in CT do this then the tax will be rescinded. Wait, I am being delusional. People want more taxes. They voted for more taxes directly last year in MA.
FSK you are probably aware that people in MA voted to keep sales tax at 6.25% instead of lowering the rate to 3%. It was a ballot vote put to the citizens. This tells me that either elections are rigged or people are stupid.

Ronnie said...

That's why my 5-10 year goal is to save enough to buy a farm and live below the poverty level....Ah. Someday...someday.

FSK said...

Subsistence farming doesn't work.

You need some State money to pay your property tax bill.

de. a. sely said...

There is a way to resist. The true way to resist has to have the features of poetic justice, because it has to stress something that was really overlooked.

When the system was created, it was understood that nothing will stand which is unfair(disbalancing). So, the conclusion should have been made that this system should not be allowed to stand as it is unfair and will bring itself to collapse. However, those who stood to benefit from the system, pressed on anyway, at the cost of overlooking the unfairness, inherent in the system.

The way to resist a system like this is to wait. To wait through the times when the system watchers are careful to monitor the inherent weakness, and they have excessive supply in case the weakness becomes a problem. You should not do anything against it during those times.

Then, inevitably, the watchers will be changed, because people die. The new ones will not be so careful, because they only know the system - nothing else, and they will forget to monitor the weakness, and even outright defy the importance of such. Be ready to act soon.

More and more children will be begotten to the people living off the system. More and more mistresses, more friends, more nephews and uncles to care for. More and more, and yet more will be demanded. Because the people give birth one to many. The indiscretions will multiply so much, that for the one who is used as a host, who works to feed the system, it will become easier to withstand a shock when the system dies, than to feed the system one day after another.

In this way, there will eventually a condition be met, that the system is so emptied to the core, and that all that needs is to recall the initial flaw, and make it matter by stopping to cover it up.

So it happened to Rome, to USSR, to Khan Empire, and many others.
The flaw is different every time, but there is always a flaw.

This is the time to act. But what specifically must be done this time, to resist this specific oppressive system?

So, what is the flaw?


...continued said...

So, what is the flaw?

Well, back in the days, it was said that if you tax not according to constitution, but a percentage rate of one's income, and especially, if this rate is "progressive" (meaning aggressive, not related to the future, or progress, but instead to punishement), then there will be no reason to work harder, because all you will achieve is to give away more. There is never a point at which one could say: "I worked hard, and now that part that I used to give away to the hated king is looking small to me". Therefore, one will stop trying to earn more, and instead, he will try to make it as it is. There will be a general disinterest in working hard, and the system will collapse.

When this argument was made against the hated system, the promoters have ignore it (because yes they were wanted to be the ones that will not work hard, but everyone else they planned to make work by stick and carrot, hoping that no one will see how futile is their hope in such a system), and planned to overcompensate for it.

But now, the unjust had made a mistake, went too far, and NEED our participation, they need us to work more, harder, to "pull through". They realized that the only miracle that can save their countless fat lazy well cared for families is my and yours hard work, the product of which is that which they aim to steal, after all.

Act now. Deny them what they must have now. Take it easy, take a vacation. Relax. Do anything you can to survive on less, but make sure you don't earn a penny above what is absolutely necessary for you to survive. Explore other coutries and discover that you can work and produce there. If you must have extras, provide for them underground IYKWIM. Let obama reap his throat shouting how we need to pull together to save him. No, we don't. We need to lay still and do nothing, so that he and millions of his fat relatives leaches will just "fall off" because of malnutrition.

It is too late for him to come to his senses and to refill the warehouses in case the system hickups. It is too late for him to mind the original sin of the system. There is nothing he can do to save HIS kingdom over you, to keep his YOKE over your head. And all that is required of you is just to refuse to "pull".

They told us long time ago, when the progressive tax issue was raised, when it was argued that there is no freedom of choice as it regards to tax, they said laughting in our faces: "If you don't want to be taxed more, then simply earn according to the tax bracket that you like, this is the freedom you have. If you wish to be taxed as poor, then be poor, surely that will not be too hard to do...".

Now, we shall do exactly what they have advised us.

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