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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Financial Cancer

Money is the blood of the economy. Money is the benchmark that measures all transactions.

The USA has a corrupt and dishonest monetary system. It's a blood cancer ruining the economy.

In a healthy economy, people profit by performing useful work.

In a dying economy, stealing is more profitable than working. It's easier to trade political favors, than produce something useful.

Inflation is theft. Via inflation, the State profits by stealing people's savings. The banksters and State insiders benefit from inflation.

It's a vampire sucking the life out of the economy. Via inflation, the value of productive work is decreased. The profitability of theft is increased.

If the banksters had to physically rob people, the victims would resist. Via inflation, banksters can rob people without any risk.

A corrupt monetary system and taxation system leads to collapse. All the productivity is drained out of the economy. It's a severe cancer killing the host.

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Anonymous said...

Consider also, that fiat money is a reason for bad morals. People sense dishonest money, but since few can actually understand how every single dollar printed is an enormous theft, even those who readily agree with the notion of inflation, they cannot make any sense of the "prevailing rule of the world", other than "wrong wins", "dishonest wins".

This explanation sits in their subconscious, and is a cause of other gross misunderstandings to which they are then "nudged" by this subconscious base, such as "rich are bad", "money is source of evil", "business is bad", "poor is noble" and so on.

As it is, the dishonestly is the rule of the land, and those who oppose dishonesty, have been even labeled "domestic terrorists" in your post about NotHaus.

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