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Monday, February 7, 2011

State Provocateurs In Egypt

This story is interesting. Allegedly, a lot of the rioters/looters in Egypt are provocateurs employed by the State.

The mainstream media reported "Concerned citizens organized, to prevent looting at Egypt's museum." They don't mention "Some of the would-be looters were captured. They had State police ID!"

Some violent looters were captured or killed. After inspection, people discovered State police ID on the looters!

20 years ago, such abuse of State power would have gone unnoticed. Now, evidence of such abuse spreads on the Internet.

Egypt's State thugs responded by shutting down the Internet. They literally shut down the phones and ISPs.

State thugs in the USA are thinking "Great! We should do that!" There's no way to shut down the Internet and telephones, without crippling the economy. If the Internet were shut down, the stock market wouldn't be able to open.

Even more amusing, some looters were caught with guns saying "Made in the USA." Here's a tip. When you give weapons to a 3rd world dictator, don't print "Made in the USA" on the guns.

When the Soviet Union fell, the first countries to fall were Eastern European countries. Similarly, as the US government falls, Middle East puppet governments will be the first to fall.

However, rioting and protesting is pointless. One famous Statist said "Let them protest all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."

A nonviolent non-State-approved protest is *IMPOSSIBLE*. Undercover cops will pose as protesters. They will make sure things get violent.

A riot or protest doesn't threaten the State's core monopoly. In fact, the riot makes people eager for State police to restore order.

Eventually, the riot energy is dispersed. Egypt's current figurehead leader is done. A new puppet will be installed. The scam of the State will continue.

Here's another interesting story. Allegedly, the Mubarak family has a net worth of $40B-$70B. The State banking system makes it easy for a 3rd world dictator to park assets offshore, when he needs to flee the country. That money represents stolen property. Mubarak used his political power to profit for himself and his family.

Representative democracy is fake freedom, rather than true freedom. Most/all politicians believe "Taxation is not theft! The way to help people is to use violence to force them to obey!" An election is a fake choice between insider-chosen candidates.

A riot or protest is a waste if time. If you're serious about protesting the State, start an agorist off-the-books business. A riot might make you feel good. It's a waste of time and energy. A protest doesn't threaten the State's core monopoly. A political protest is like a group of slaves begging their master to be less cruel.

Egypt's crisis will be "solved" by replacing the current leader figurehead with a new figurehead. The real leaders usually pull the strings in private. The real leaders usually aren't publicly known.

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Anonymous said...

When taxation is simply to move money from one group of people to another, instead of for being the common good, it becomes theft plain and simple.

There is nothing wrong with co-operative behaviour, but the UK and US moved in outright theft mode some time ago.

Why should taxes be increased just so the corrupt fools in a bank get bigger bonuses and useless, lightweight politicians get to buy bigger houses?

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