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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is The Quatloos Website Run By The State?

Imagine if there was a website that celebrated every time a policeman was murdered. The police would find that website very offensive.

I'm very offended by the quatloos website. That website celebrates whenever a "tax protester" is convicted. It's pretty severe pro-State trolling.

I find the quatloos website offensive exactly the same way that the police would be offended by a website that celebrated police deaths. The quatloos website is celebrating economic terrorism. A person's life is ruined by something that isn't a crime according to natural law.

(I noticed that I'm getting good post topics reading the forum. He recently had a debate with the quatloos website, regarding his "owning an IRS lawyer" tape. Just because an IRS agent couldn't get his lies straight, doesn't mean you'll win in an unfair court.)

The users on the quatloos website are hardcore Statists. I suspect that most of them are policemen, bureaucrats, tax collectors, tax lawyers, or tax accountants. It's very easy to be ignorant, when your livelihood depends on doing evil things.

The quatloos website does not seriously address the main issue, which is "All taxation is theft!" They focus on Supreme Court and appeals court decisions, that knock down the usual "tax protester" arguments. That's missing the point. Such arguments assume the Supreme Court's authority is legitimate.

It's offensive to read court decisions regarding "tax protesters". The pro-State trolling is obvious. It's "cargo cult justice" and not real justice. They go through the motions of justice, while arriving at the predetermined conclusions.

When a "tax protester" loses in court, that doesn't prove his arguments are wrong. It just proves how corrupt the State "justice" system is. Judges are pretty consistent in ruling against people who want freedom. Taxation is a key component of the State extortion racket.

If you use one of the standard "tax protester" arguments in court, you probably will lose. In fact, I wonder if undercover State police intentionally promote them, so it's easy to identify stupid slaves who start rebelling. If you're serious about freedom, you should work as an agorist. Unfortunately, that isn't completely risk-free. It's the best strategy I've seen, both for achieving freedom and for maximizing profit.

Most "tax protesters" realize "The IRS is a dangerous terrorist organization. The income tax is immoral." However, they make the mistake "Something that evil ought to be illegal." The law is a mess. There are loopholes and contradictions. The law doesn't explicitly directly say "All your labor is belong to us!", because that would be too obviously evil. It's implied by the way the law is enforced, combined with corrupt court decisions and precedents.

Unfortunately, any dispute regarding government taxes is going to be decided by a government judge. The judge and tax collector are on the same team. They're members of the same criminal gang. A slave isn't going to get a fair trial regarding taxes in a State court.

Suppose you found a clever and correct income tax loophole. All the judge has to say is "Your argument is wrong. I'll jail you for 'contempt of court' if you make that argument to a jury." Now, you're SOL. Even if you're right, it's irrelevant. The judge has the final decision. He has a monopoly.

Suppose you present your clever anti-IRS argument. What do you expect the judge to say? "You're right. The government has been operating illegitimately for 100 years." Of course the judge isn't going to say that. He's going to rule against you.

A slave is never going to get a fair trial regarding taxes in a corrupt State court. Your best option is to work completely off-the-books. Agorism is the best strategy, both for personal profit and for fighting evil. Even if you work off-the-books, State thugs may kidnap and torture you if they find out about it.

The standard "tax protester" arguments are a type of intellectual trap. If you make such an argument to an IRS thug, it's like saying "I'm a dangerous fruitcake. Please imprison me." Even the "all rights reserved UCC" signature trick is just a red flag for IRS agents. According to natural law, your signature on a tax return isn't a valid contract, because it's coerced. Unfortunately, State thugs disagree. Writing "all rights reserved UCC" over your tax return signature is just giving the finger to a bully.

If you're an agorist, write a normal-looking tax return that includes everything the IRS already knows about. If you have a cash business, consider declaring some of the income, so it doesn't look too suspicious.

This court decision was really surprising.

Rather than spending his money and time reading the misrepresentations, half-truths and full-fledged falsehoods perpetrated by Tom Clayton, MD, and his ilk, plaintiff would be better served if he were to read a legal text on taxation, its history, constitutionality and application such as Federal Taxation of Income, Estates and Gifts, by Boris I. Bittker and Lawrence Lokken. If he does not want to make the effort such a text requires, he might find much of interest at or At the latter website, he would find the legal reasons why his arguments are groundless, at the former, he would find excellent advice. Among other things, he would be reminded that no one has ever won a civil case arguing the kinds of theories that he is arguing in this case and that hundreds of people who have relied on the arguments have not only lost their cases but have been required to pay penalties to the IRS and have been sanctioned for advocating a frivolous theory to the court.
The judge said "You should know that your tax protester arguments are wrong. The quatloos website said so." That's as legally sound (according to State logic) as "All taxation is theft. Fskrealityguide said so."

I found that decision suspicious. Is the quatloos website organized by the State? That certain would explain their rabid hostility to people who question the IRS.

Why is a judge citing the quatloos website in his decision? The quatloos website has no official legal standing.

There's another interesting aspect of IRS criminal and civil trials. If you make a "forbidden argument", you're fined for making a "frivolous argument". In most other areas of law, you aren't automatically fined for making a rejected argument. Judges are threatened by "forbidden arguments" because they hint at a deeper hidden truth. They are rejected because they might convince a jury to vote "not guilty".

It seems that "frivolous anti-tax argument" is "anything that might convince a juror to vote 'not guilty'".

It's still interesting to read the quatloos website, in a "know your enemy" sense. It's offensive and disgusting. For every legal anti-IRS argument you could make, there's a court decision that rules against it. It's a bizarre type of partially consistent anti-logic.

Now that I've cracked my pro-State brainwashing, it's obviously wrong and offensive. Citing Supreme Court decisions is missing the point. That assumes the Supreme Court's authority is legitimate. If the Supreme Court or appeals court makes a mistake, then it's a precedent and cannot be questioned. All the precedents say "HAHAHA!!! You're a slave! For every anti-IRS argument you can make, we can make a plausible-sounding counter-argument! We're going to rule against you and there's nothing you can do about it!"

There was an interesting bit I found. It had a standardized IRS response to a "show me the law" letter. It was interesting.

The letter said "We don't give tax advice or legal advice. If we go to court, we'll win. Nyah! Nyah! We've got all the judges in our pockets."

"We don't give tax advice" places the slave in a no-win situation. He has an obligation to figure out and pay taxes. Every slave is forced to work for the State as a tax collector and tax accountant. However, if you make a mistake, you're legally responsible.

You may not receive any official notification that your tax returns are wrong, until you're prosecuted for criminal tax evasion.

Some small fry get away with the "sovereign citizen" or "tax protester" arguments. State thugs don't have the resources to imprison everyone. If it's decent money at stake *OR* if you're popular, then it's a priority to kidnap and torture you.

You aren't going to get a fair trial regarding taxes in a corrupt State court. By the time you're in court, you've already lost. The prosecutors have virtually unlimited resources when prosecuting a political prisoner. Jailing political prisoners is a "cost of doing business" for the State extortion racket. Most people pay their tribute without questioning it. This makes it very easy to violently silence the occasional dissenter. The reasoning is "Get the leaders, and all the other slaves will fall in line."

Even if acquitted, you aren't reimbursed for the time and expense and stress of a trial. Even if acquitted in a criminal trial, tax collectors can pursue a separate civil trial, to collect the taxes they claim you owe. If you're convicted in a criminal trial, the sentence includes a fine for any taxes owed plus penalties, avoiding a separate civil trial to collect the tax.

Via "asset forfeiture" laws, police can seize your property without trial. You might be acquitted, but the police get to keep your property. If you have a State bank account, the IRS can easily seize it. If you have physical gold and silver, the IRS can seize it claiming "Only a criminal would have gold and silver."

There are many ways a judge can rig a trial. Via biased jury selection, the jury will be packed with pro-State trolls. Some undercover police might be in the jury pool and get picked. The judge will forbid you from making arguments that might persuade a juror. Both a lawyer and a pro se defendant have this problem. Pro se defendants get more leniency, but all the judge has to do is say the magic words "contempt of court" and he can jail you indefinitely without trial. However, "contempt of court" is worth risking, because you'll be jailed anyway when the jury convicts you. If the judge keeps interrupting you as a pro se defendant, that might convince some jurors that the judge is biased.

Eventually, I plan to work more aggressively at promoting agorism and practicing agorism. Right now, I'm just blogging and promoting freedom with low-risk low-effort things. It is risky if I get more active. Suppose I'm an active agorist *AND* I'm good at promoting agorism. Then, State terrorists will make it a priority to kidnap and torture me. Right now, I'm just some random nobody blogger.

As more people learn the truth on the Internet, it'll be less risky. I sense that the truth is spreading exponentially, but it's hard to be sure. Most slaves are very resistant, when they encounter something that contradicts their pro-State brainwashing. However, if it's repeated many times by different people, then an intelligent slave might start thinking "Why do all these people keep saying 'Taxation is theft!'? Is there some merit to that viewpoint?"

What is the greater tragedy? Is it to see something evil and choose to not fight? Is it to fight, pick a reasonable strategy, lose anyway, and spend most of your life in jail? Both choices are horrible. It's the State that forced such a lousy choice on me. I always wanted to understand the truth and how things really worked. Paradoxically, it might have been better to be stupid and ignorant. However, then I would be totally SOL as the system collapses. If I'm a good agorist, I might be more prepared to survive. Now that I'm mostly unplugged, don't I have an obligation to do something about it? But, if I act, and am reasonably successful, then State terrorists will probably kidnap and torture me. Most high-profile critics of the IRS and Federal Reserve wind up in jail. Once you know how evil the State is, don't you have an obligation to refuse to cooperate?

The quatloos website is incredibly offensive. They celebrate whenever a "tax protester" is imprisoned. They celebrate jailing a political prisoner. They celebrate jailing nonviolent offenders. They celebrate economic terrorism. They celebrate when State thugs ruin someone's life.

A pro-State troll says "The 'tax protester' ruined his own life, when he questioned the State." That's bizarre backwards blame-the-victim thinking. The State thugs are to blame, and not the victim who saw part of the truth but chose a foolish way to resist.

The people on the quatloos website are very hardcore Statists. It's disgusting and offensive. I suspect most of them work for the State. It's easy to be stupid and ignorant, when your career is enforcing evil laws.


dionysusal said...

Great article, FSK. This is sure to ruffle their feathers. Muahahaha!

FSK said...

I doubt they care. If you're a hardcore Statist, you're not going to care what some random blogger says.

They've got the guns, which is more important than anything else.

I don't expect to convert hardcore statists. It's the libertarian/minarchists that are more likely to be convinced.

It's disturbing when you realize "Most politicians and judges and insiders think *EXACTLY* like those scum on the quatloos website."

Anonymous said...

If taxes weren't so high, individuals would have more money saved and in bad times could far more easily set up their own small businesses.

Instead at the moment we have high unemployment in the US and UK.

The government isn't going to help the unemployed. They can't. Government doesn't create real productive jobs. They can only suck money. Government doesn't build things. They don't invent.

If they actually had savings they could form their own businesses.

I have many achievements, both in work and academically. But in the past when I've been unemployed with no cash, I was totally stuck. I had lots of potential, but it was all wasted.

Big company managers just want good-enough workers to keep the status quo going. Managers won't readily employ anyone that looks better than them or have a list of good achievements. Why that good worker might get their job! We can't have that!

Low taxes and allowing workers to have decent levels of savings would be far better for society.

More small businesses, rather than masses of unemployed, would actually create more tax revenue for government.

Lower taxes will create more tax revenue, but government is TOO STUPID to realize that. I suppose that is why they end up parasites that only make their money by stealing it, via threat of violence, from other people.

DC said...

Withholding is probably one of the main reasons that people have not had a tax revolt.

How many people report to their state the sales tax due when they purchase something over the internet? I would estimate 0.1%(or less). How many of the same people would refuse to pay state sales tax at a point of sale purchase at their local store. I would estimate 0%.

See my point.

To add to your practical suggestions also be careful who you talk to about tax resistance. It is not a popular topic among those who are forced to pay withholding. People who pay withholding can become very resentful of those who do not. They have no practical way out of the tax system so they anyone who does as a cheat and a thief.

In my daily interactions I have heard many people lament that taxes are too high, but I have never heard anyone say "there should be no taxes." If you want to know who your friends really are say to them "there should be no taxes at all" Most of your friends will start arguing against this statement. Carefully gauge how violent their argument becomes. It is telling.
Yesterday someone I have known for 15 years told me I am a racist because I said "we should have free markets". I was surprised when he attacked my statement with such vigor. My statement must have been a catalyst. I can not detail all of his stupid arguments here. So beware who your friends are. Test them with ideas before placing trust in them.


FSK said...

That is a good test. "Judge people by explaining your anti-State views to them." By that standard, I'm pretty alone. Except for blogging, I know nobody who's a pretty serious anti-Statist.

Pro-State brainwashing is pretty severe. It's amusing how someone claims to be openminded, but gets really hostile when you start questioning the State.

DC said...

"More small businesses, rather than masses of unemployed, would actually create more tax revenue for government."

You probably do not realize it, but this is a typical pro state brainwashed statement.

-think deeper-

why do you want the government to make more tax revenue?


Anonymous said...

There is no such argument today, that the people exist to be governed. There is a wide-spread consensus that the governments exist to serve people.

I do not want most of their "work".

My government, therefore, governs me tyrannically, because they do not enjoy my consent.

There should be zero taxes. If a citizen needs some service, he can purchase this service with a fee. There is absolutely no justification for mandatory and purposeless fee called taxes.

Taxes are theft, I agree with FSK, but he is still wrong. Taxes are robbery, not theft, because theft stops as soon as it is noticed.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with taxes or the rate I am paying. Main problem is that in the US you don't get anything in return -- I think there is way too little socialism. And like Australia, election campaigns should be paid for from a state fund - eliminate the influence peddling completely. I would cut the defense budget by about 90% immediately. Oh yea, and cops shouldn't carry guns...

Anonymous said...

Quatloos! A site about tax scams.

How about a site about all the scams of the Federal Reserve bank and the other banks? Oops, we already have one and this is it!

Anonymous said...

Thats funny. Ive been on Quatloos for awhile and am none of the things that you said we all were. I am actually a single father of 3, a small business owner who loves claiming every last thing I can to get more money back for my kids and an artisan on top of all. also ex-military which somehow didnt get put in your list. I dont think theres a single person in this world that wants to and stands in line to pay taxes, but we all have to and we all, if smart, minumize the amount we pay.

Whos feathers are you going to ruffle? All you did was call a bunch of people names and prove that you think differently than anyone else. The problem is we do it, get it over with, and people like you spend years and thousands of dollars trying not to pay at all, go to court, go to jail, and at the end of the day you still have to pay the taxes since it is the law. Do the rest of us like the law? No, like I said no sane person wants to pay tax on top of tax after you paid some taxes. Will we do it to keep from going to court and jail? Yup, I have 3 kids to support, not going to go through that crap and leave them un cared for.

indio007 said...

The Income Tax is completely voluntary. No one forces you to have income. No one forces you to not sign your Federal Reserve Notes.
There is ample public Notice that Federal Reserve Notes are taxed

Using the STATE's credit money is conditional.

I have no idea why anyone bitches about income tax.

A US court citing Quatloser just show you that most judge's are mental midgets.

People go into the Tax Court with all the wrong arguments. The Tax Court is one of the only court's of record in the US court system. What does that tell you?

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