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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Does Confidence Matter?

State comedians love to brag about "consumer confidence" or "confidence that inflation is low". It's a "confidence based economy"?

If the economy is *REALLY* sound, it makes no difference what people think. If the economy is one big scam, then it's *VERY IMPORTANT* to keep people misinformed.

If you go around saying "FSK is bankrupt!", that won't adversely affect me. If you go around saying "The State is a scam!", then the slaves might wake up.

If your business if *REALLY* sound, then it doesn't matter what people think. If you're running a scam, you need to keep your victims fooled. State comedians care *A LOT* about confidence, because it's all one big scam.


Scott said...

Very interesting point. Confidence is a stand in here for "belief". Rather than asking if the economy is good based on reality they ask if the public BELIEVES that the economy is good, and if 51% do, then it is considered a good economy.

Anonymous said...

I've just watched the film Inside Job, which is about the financial meltdown. The film mentioned the corruption of academia via high paying Federal Reserve and hedge fund jobs.

I can understand why FSK advocates no government rather than little government. FSK may see the world as a system, whereby a small government is bound to grow over time to a large government and then collapse. Sort of like a mathematical recurrence relation that ends in chaos. It is bound to happen with certain starting conditions.

Anyway the film showed us that if a bunch of banks have monopoly in the monetary system, then they will use said monopoly to corrupt academia, politicians and then to eventually destroy the whole system. They will act in their short-term interest and not to benefit humanity.

The bankers will destroy the world and jobs for short-term gain.

If the bankers will destroy the money system, will government end up destroying the world?

ArrowThief said...

I don't want total anarchy, so I think we need some gov't, even FSK agreed about police shutting down a meth-lab in a previous post.

But I hope people are waking up to the fact that the PRIVATE bank-owned Federal Reserve prints the world reserve currency and distributes it any way it sees fit.
Mostly back to banks! & corporations & foreign countries. The U.S. Treasury Dept BORROWS our own currency! the Federal Reserve BUYS Gov't bonds! duh! JFK tried to get it back to the U.S.Treasury issuing money - shortly before he was shot.

The Fed. Reserve arrived at the same time as Federal Income Tax. hmmm. what a coincidence. Money has value because it is forced value. I HAVE to pay my taxes to live here. But FIAT money ALWAYS declines in value due to inflation. Wait until they try to print (enter digits) enough money to cover deficits and derivative liabilities. Inflation? how about currency collapse!

The movie anonymous mentioned is true, but the banks won't collapse the system. They will try to continue to feed on the sheep who take huge loans for things they don't need, and then become slaves to the state. Although the system WILL collapse,it won't be for the lack of banks & gov't trying to keep it going. Try and tell people this and they don't care. People just want their T.V. sex, drugs, religon....but they refuse to be interested in the things that control the majority of their lives. No "Red Pill" for 95% of the population on earth! and most of the other 5% are in control.

Truth be With You.

Anonymous said...

The bankers have been given the right to collect wealth from everyone, whenever they decide they need to get some wealth.
Everyone else, has to produce something first, before they can exchange it for what they need.
Only bankers are allowed to reach into our pockets with impunity.

The debt is a running counter of what banksters have taken from our pockets so far.

Banksters are encouraged, however, to steal from foreigners first, if they can, which they gladly do.

FSK said...

Even without a government violence monopoly, free market police should shut down a polluter.

I never said "People should be able to commit crimes without consequences." I said "A small group of insiders should not have a monopoly for making and enforcing laws." There should be free competition in *EVERYTHING*, including police protection.

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