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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Egyptian Protesters Accomplished Nothing

Originally, State comedians said "We support Mubarak. He's a good guy." Now they're saying "We support democracy in Egypt."

If you're a state insider, there's no penalty for lying or changing your story. Most slaves are too brainwashed to remember.

Mubarak resigned. So what? One puppet figurehead is replaced with another puppet figurehead.

As long as the slaves pay taxes, it makes no difference to whom you pay. You have a different figurehead master, but you're still a slave. All the State bureaucrats in Egypt kept their jobs.

Even more ironically, Egypt's military is ruling until the next election. "Mubarak was corrupt but the military are decent guys." That's a clever lie! The military/police and the figurehead ruler are on the same team!

Allegedly, the reason Mubarak delayed resigning was to launder his savings. Some of his accounts were frozen. Others were cleverly hidden. Other dictators are eager to accept Mubarak, in case the favor needs to be returned someday! It's a type of loyalty among criminals. A deposed dictator can usually find a refuge, provided he cooperates with his masters.

In another ironic twist, Mubarak allegedly shipped some gold out of the country. In Tunisia, the deposed dictator did the same thing. State insiders don't want the slaves to use gold as money. State insiders resort to gold when they need to untraceably move wealth in a hurry!

I don't know of any Egyptian protesters who were saying "All taxation is theft!" It wasn't a real market anarchist revolt. State comedians say "Be glad you have the State. Otherwise, it would be a mess like the riots in Egypt!"

A riot is pointless. It doesn't threaten the State's core monopoly, the violence/taxation/economic monopoly. Token concessions are given to the rioters (Mubarak resigns). The scam of the State continues.

Democracy is fake freedom. The "democracy" in Egypt will probably be a fake choice between insider-screened candidates. With a year until the election, that gives time to promote "approved" candidates as potential leaders.

A riot or protest is like slaves begging their master to be less cruel. An anti-State protest is pointless if you also pay taxes/tribute to the State extortion racket.

The protest in Egypt accomplished nothing. One figurehead leader is replaced with another figurehead leader. The scam of the State continues.

The people in Egypt don't understand "All taxation is theft! Government is one huge extortion racket! A government violence monopoly is evil and unnecessary!" Until those lessons are learned, no revolt can accomplish anything good.

I know the truth. However, almost everyone else is insane. This is a serious problem. If I try to make more serious moves towards freedom, State terrorists will kidnap and torture me.

If I'm an unknown nobody blogger, there's not much personal risk. Suppose I start working at promoting and practicing freedom. Suppose I'm reasonably successful. Then, State thugs will make it a priority to silence me.

I noticed a disturbing pattern. Most State/IRS critics don't get kidnapped until they go on the mainstream media to promote their views. Then, State insiders must make an example of those who promote the truth.

The protest in Egypt accomplished nothing. One figurehead leader is replaced with another figurehead leader. The scam of the State continues. Any specific insider is expendable. He will be sacrificed to preserve the scam.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think Mubarak resigned? Last we heard from him, he was standing strong, maintaining his role until the scheduled elections. The next thing we heard was the head of the secret police announcing Mubarak's resignation. Finally, we are hearing that Mubarak is close to death, apparently suffering from some form of Deposed Dictator Syndrome (DDS).

At no point was any direct evidence of resignation presented! Plenty of media people were even telling us that *Mubarak* announced his resignation, as little as 24h after they had shown *Suleiman* announced the "resignation" - clearly the media are complicit in obviously false reporting.

If Mubarak intended to resign, he would have announced it on TV. If he hadn't resigned, he would have told the media what had happened. The simplest explanation is that he was kidnapped - everything reported is compatible with kidnapping. The media narrative is obviously incompatible with the broadcasts of events.

When military seize power as seems likely, the technical term is "junta". And yet only online media are talking about the new Egyptian junta. Media reserve the word junta for bad military governments, so they must be telling us this one is good! Your thoughts?

FSK said...

It's a straw protest. Obviously, Mubarak is on the US government payroll.

Some of the leading anti-Mubarak protesters also are on the US government payroll. "Play both sides of a dispute!" is a time-tested technique.

Consider that Google executive in Egypt. Allegedly, he has ties to the US government. All it takes is a little fiddling with Google's search algorithm, and people in Egypt will visit the "right" websites.

Anonymous said...

The string of revolutions was engineered by the us govt., google and the cia.

The preexisting condition and a side goal is to pretend that the continuing massive devaluation of us dollar was not the reason for mass revolts. 3rd world currencies are being devalued at the same rate or faster than 1st and 2nd world currencies, in order to conceal the degree of devaluation from us citizens. To them, it appears to be floating around 77, ha-ha-ha.

The main goal is to sacrifice several controlled regimes to an unpredictable outcome in order to scare the governments of middle east oil producing kingdoms into supporting the us dollar, and forcing them to abandon their plans to stop demanding that all oil purchases must be paid for in USD.

Anonymous said...

Not commenting on the post specifically but on your political philosophy. You are sort of in that libertarian-isolationist realm, but not really libertarian, since that implies statism.

I'm not sure how your stateless world would work. I am having trouble getting past the survival of the fittest, "lord of the flies" imagery. I can romanticize about free ranging hunter gatherers, pre-agriculture societies, where there is no concept of personal property, but how would you backtrack to something like this? As a practical matter there is no way to get there from here. You can't even do something simple, like re-write the US constitution, it's modification-proof given the ratification provisions. You want to do something sideband, like set up communes, trading networks, and food co-ops? Please elaborate.

FSK said...

The current system already has pretty much degenerated into a "lord of the flies" situation.

In a really free market, someone can't abuse police power. They would lose customers. Other people would gang up against them.

It's hard to rob people when your victims don't believe it's morally right.

It would be a DRO system, sort of like what Stefan Molyneux advocates for. Agorists would start trading communities as the State collapses. Those would become DROs.

indio007 said...

bravo !

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