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Monday, February 21, 2011

Healthcare "Reform" Waivers And Subsidies

There are two interesting aspects of the healthcare "reform" law. Large employers can get waivers. Businesses that offer retiree health insurance get subsidies. These are bailouts for "qualifying" businesses.

Businesses can apply for waivers. Naturally, large corporations can afford the legal compliance overhead. Small businesses can't afford it. Only large corporations can get waivers.

The "reform" is paid via a tax on health insurance. However, large "self-insured" plans are exempt from some of the taxes and provisions.

For a small plan, you pay based on a group claim rate. For large plans, you can "self-insure". The premium equals actual expenses plus a management fee. Only large corporations can afford a "self-insured" plan. By exempting these plans, large corporations are subsidized while small businesses are taxed.

Here is another evil aspect of the "reform" law. If a corporation offers retiree health insurance, they are eligible for certain subsidies. Here is a list of recipients for NY. Notice that governments and unions are the primary beneficiaries.

What businesses offer retiree health insurance? Only government workers and large unions get retiree health insurance. The "retiree health insurance" subsidy benefits government workers and unionized workers.

The healthcare "reform" law contains exceptions and subsidies. These clauses benefit large corporations, government employees, and unionized employees. This subsidies come at the expense of higher taxes for small businesses.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at