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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guantanamo Bay Auschwitz

The Auschwitz death camp was open from 1939 to 1945. The Guantanamo Bay death camp has been open from 2002-2011, and it hasn't closed yet! The Guantanamo Bay death camp has been operating almost twice as long as Auschwitz!

The "death percentage" is lower for Guantanamo Bay compared to Auschwitz. However, wrongfully imprisoning someone is only slightly less evil than killing them. If you kidnap and torture someone for 10 years, you still stole a huge chunk of their life. It's perceived as much less evil than outright killing them.

If the Guantanamo Bay detainees weren't radical terrorists before, they sure are now! However, that doesn't justify detaining them.

The scale of Guantanamo Bay is much smaller than Auschwitz. However, if you include *ALL* people wrongfully imprisoned in the USA, then the numbers start to become comparable. Every jailed nonviolent offender is a political prisoner.

If you ask a State thug, he'll say "I'm just doing my job." That's the exact same logic as concentration camp guards. USA State abuse is less obviously evil compared to outright killing someone. State thugs usually try to kidnap the victim alive. Wrongfully imprisoning someone is still evil. You aren't killing the victim. You're still stealing a huge chunk of his life.

If you steal via taxes, that's also stealing a chunk of my life. With taxation rates over 50%, it's like government is stealing more than half my life. Due to State restriction of the market, my employment opportunities writing meaningless financial software are greater than my opportunities doing something actually useful.

I'm not a direct victim of State violence. I'm an indirect victim. I'm adversely affected, even though no policeman actually kidnapped me for failing to pay taxes. If I told my employer "I don't want you withholding taxes from my salary. I don't want you reporting this transaction to the IRS.", they would laugh at me and/or fire me. (Besides, the way the State banking system works, the transaction would be reported to the IRS even if my employer chose to not fill out a 1099 form or W-2 form. As long as you use a State bank, all transactions are reported to the IRS!)

I'm not spending my life in a death camp. However, I'm losing a huge chunk of my life via taxes. By giving me a limited illusion of freedom, I'm more a more productive slave than if I were directly imprisoned. Some really cynical people say that a modern city is organized a lot like a labor camp.

That was an amusing comparison, when I noticed it. The Guantanamo Bay death camp has been operating nearly twice as long as Auschwitz. State thugs in the USA round up political prisoners one at a time, rather than all at once. That makes it seem less evil. Via "color of law", crime is given the illusion of legitimacy.


Anonymous said...

If taxes were lower, you would save more money. After a certain number of years you would have enough money to comfortably start your own business.

If you are smart and motivated (clue: humans are smart) your efforts in your own business will benefit humanity. Even if you don't succeed, another small businessman will do.

High taxes hurt humanity as a whole.

Employees in large companies are ignored and their talents are wasted. There will always be a stupid manager making stupid decisions. The workers can't say otherwise because they will be fired.

Workers have far more technical skills than stupid corporate managers. Unless they can form their own businesses they are wasted.

The legal profession does everything it can to stop small businesses for short-term financial gain. They are too stupid to realize if they acted honestly we could all benefit.

Anonymous said...

Let me see,
Auschwitz - 3,000,000 dead
Guantanamo Bay - 7 dead

Yep that's very close. Get a grip.

FSK said...

Now we're haggling about scale, and not whether it's evil or not. The scale is comparable if you count *ALL* wrongfully imprisoned people. For example, Richard Simkanin died in a death camp.

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