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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bernard von Nothaus vs. His Lawyer

Bernard von Nothaus organized the Liberty Dollar. The Liberty Dollar is an alternate silver-based monetary system intended to compete with the Federal Reserve.

Naturally, Nothaus was charged with a crime for questioning the State. His trial has not occurred yet. "Right to a speedy trial" is a farce.

I have three criticisms of the Liberty Dollar. First, why would anyone pay $20 for what was (at the time) $10 of silver. It would be better to use generic silver rounds and value them based on the spot price.

Second, he printed "$20" on his money. It is loss-oriented thinking, if your alternate monetary system is based on Federal Reserve Notes. "One ounce of .999 silver" is a better monetary unit.

Third, he made the Liberty Dollar design look sort of like State-issued money. He printed "Trust in God" instead of "In God We Trust". A stupid person could think that a Liberty Dollar is State-issued money. Some stupid people tried depositing them in their State bank account. This stupid coin design choice is a key plank of the State terrorism campaign against him.

This article was interesting. Bernard von Nothaus or his lawyer discovered a technical error in the indictment. (Nothaus claims it was his lawyers' discovery.) They had no obligation to tell the prosecutor. They could have waited until the trial started, then mention it, and gotten acquittal on a technicality.

Nothaus' lawyer *TOLD THE OTHER LAWYERS* working on the case, over Nothaus' objection. Immediately afterward, the prosecutor came out with a "superseding indictment" *THAT CORRECTED THE TECHNICAL ERROR*. Nothaus' lawyer *SOLD HIM OUT TO THE PROSECUTOR*.

Nothaus also pointed out that the lawyers who work as "public defenders" *ALMOST ALWAYS LOSE AT TRIAL*. If you want to keep your cushy job as a public defender, you have to lose the cases you're supposed to lose. Nothaus is a political prisoner. Conviction is a high priority.

I found that story very offensive. If you hire a lawyer (or have a court-appointed lawyer), he may sell you out to the prosecutor. Your lawyer might tell the judge and prosecutor everything they need to know, in order to convict you.


Anonymous said...

I get that feeling too. Your lawyer's priorities are (from highest to lowest):

1) Getting the maximum amount of money from you as possible

2) Working with the other side's lawyers to their mutual benefit - certainly not for you

3) You are right at the bottom

A long time ago I was threatened with being sued. The other side were obviously withholding documents from us or either they had absolutely no case. To threaten me with not one document or one shred of evidence was bizarre.

The last time I saw my lawyer he was sniffing around to see if I had any documents that could only help the other side.

I didn't have any but at the time I was curious why he was sniffing around for them. I got the distinct impression he was working for the other side.

If I did have anything and if I gave anything to him, I'm sure he would have sent them to the thugs the same day.

He also wanted to know how much money I had, despite the fact no case had been made against me. I'm sure if I said I had a million dollars a case would have appeared!

The fact they either didn't have a case or with either withholding documents didn't seem to bother him. He wanted to make a case against me rather than for me!

The case against me was pretty much hand over as much as your property, cash and documents as possible and then we will sift through all your documents to see if we can make a case out of it after the fact. Their letter was so vague and so devoid of specifics, it could have referred to anybody doing anything. It was just non-specific mud being thrown without even any precise dates. It was like maybe you have done something wrong and we think it might be within this 5 years period but we can't even commit to that. We don't even know what you did, but we think you owe us a suitcase of unmarked cash because of it.


Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
Richard Nixon uttered a brilliant observation worthy of enshrinement in the TROLL HALL OF FAME.
He said following Watergate: I GAVE THEM A SWORD....AND THEY SLEW ME WITH IT.

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