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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sesame Chicken Inflation

Near work, the Chinese restaurant increased the price of the Sesame Chicken lunch combination from $10.95 to $12. That's before sales tax, and the rate is the same.

That's an inflation rate of 9.6%. They increased the price by approximately $1 about a year ago, but I wasn't keeping track. I'll use 9.6% as the annualized Sesame Chicken inflation rate.

I really should start tracking the "FSK price index". It would be based on stuff I actually buy.


Scott said...

I have been doing this. Inflation is way higher than the 3 or 6% people are claiming based on government figures. It's actually around 30-50% right now.

Anyone who believes the official figures from the feds is pathetically stupid with no common sense. Anyone who cites them as true figures is part of the problem and everything they say should be disregarded as either being manipulative or ignorant.

Anonymous said...

First Chevy Corvette sold for $3,498 in 1953 and now sells for $48,930 in 2010. The price ratio is $48,930/$3,498=13.988 (or 14).According to government statistics CPI went from 26.6 in 1953 to 220 now 220/26.6=8.27.In part this discrepancy can be explained by composition of CPI basket the fact is still remarkable but I do not think that 14 and 8.27 can be brought close enough.

ArrowThief said...

Real World examples of Inflation....what a concept! The CPI just excludes common everyday items we need to purchase & cherry-picks items that promote the Matrix Statistics.

Wow. Never saw that can't spell statistics without "Statist"...!


DC said...

I have noticed that when a small business raises or lowers the price of their product significantly (10%)they are either in trouble or they have long delayed a price increase.
Small businesses tend to adsorb the cost of inflation and then increase their price all at once.

DC said...

MSG is a nerve toxin.
These are the other names MSG is allowed to take in processed foods:
natural spices
natural flavorings
soy protein isolate
soy protein

Any packaged product you purchase that lists natural spices as an ingredient has MSG in it.

Anonymous said...

FSK, if you ever wanted exact proof of taxation is theft check this out.

This is not any different then getting robbed at the ATM right after withdrawing your money. In fact, I would say it is worse, because at least a robber does not pretend like they have a valid claim on the money that you earned.

This Blog Has Moved!

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