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Friday, February 18, 2011

Justin Bieber And Misandry

The State media engine has been hyping Justin Bieber. He's promoting a new movie.

One rule of State media is "If you repeatedly hype someone, then that creates a celebrity, no matter what their actual talent."

I am somewhat disturbed by Justin Bieber. He looks like a woman!

Many bloggers have been lamenting this problem. The State is very hostile to "traditional male" values. "Hard work and individualism" are heavily denigrated.

For example, divorce law is heavily biased against men. "Date rape" laws allow a woman to consent, change her mind, and then file criminal rape charges.

I noticed that many male celebrities have this problem. They look more like women than men. The "girly-man" is promoted as the ideal. Similarly, Lady Gaga frequently looks like a man.

This is a disturbing aspect of the State propaganda agenda. "Men who look like women" and "women who look like men" are hyped as celebrities.


Anarchist said...

How the fuck did you manage to persuade anarcho-blogs to host your right-wing gender police shit you fucking mental, mental, mental bastard?

Anonymous said...

I saw that one man commented that he can either:

a) Marry now, lose his wealth and standard of living and end up on his own in 15 years.


b) Don't marry, keep his good standard of living and end up on his own in 15 years.

He said he was choosing option (b).

In the UK the "law" regarding parental responsibility and what the mother gets from a separation (even without marriage) is so vague and only inferred from cases or just in the head of lawyers is so nasty and biased it can't be written down anyway. You couldn't write it down. It is not statutory law. At the very most it is guessed from the way previous cases have been handled.

Law should be discussed in parliament. It should not exist only in the head of lawyers. If it was explicitly written down in statutory law people would laugh at it and it would never passed because it is so biased against men.

So it is left in the head of lawyers. They say the law is just the way things are done in this area of the country.

It should be made written statutory law or thrown out.

Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom, if one of your family becomes ill (perhaps mentally so) the government or court system can take over their property and money, unless they have made a will explicitly disallowing this.

If you family member needs to access their money, the court/government will charge you an excessive fee for this.

Anonymous said...

Society has changed. We no longer live in tiny little villages where the people you will meet over a lifetime is limited.

So people float from one person to another. There is less stability with regards to marriage and male-female relationships.

A man can no longer get married or have children. If he does the government will come down on him like a ton of bricks via useless family courts only intent on stealing money and property.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to settle down and have a family with children when:

a) Stable, long lasting jobs are difficult to get and only available if you have a friend that is a manager or company director. You need a patron or you will get fired so a manager's friend can take over the results of your hard work and your job.

b) Property prices are unaffordable.

c) Why should a woman marry a hard working man, when crooks earn so much more money?

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
Eunuchs like 'Anarchist' often trumpet pro-state propaganda and self-aggrandizement to obfuscate their real purpose in life. They attack the sanity of the rest of humanity with lyrical profanity which is over compensation for impotence both physically and intellectually. It is a desperate cry for recognition.

FSK said...

I thought that Anarchist was a woman.

I should do a post on why, according to my impartial observations, homosexuality is in fact a mental illness.

Even if you don't like some of my posts, that doesn't invalidate the other points I make.

(Actually, I get almost no blog traffic via anarchoblogs. I signed up for it a long time ago. The editor of beforeitsnews contacted me, I gave explicit permission to use my feed, and I get a few visits per day from them.)

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how male teenagers started wearing tight (feminine?) pants once schools began cracking down bullying?
Remove/neutralize the alpha males, and the queers take over.

Anonymous said...

*If you stop watching TV these so called celebrities fade from the mind into obscurity after about 6 months.

FSK said...

Bullying is not an alpha behavior.

Anonymous said...

>I should do a post on why, >according
>to my impartial observations,
>homosexuality is in fact a mental

I don't have any strong views on homosexuality, other than the fact that "let and let live", "treat others as you would want to be treated yourself" and "let he who hasn't sinned cast the first stone".

Perhaps with over-population in the world and billions of people, homosexuality isn't such a bad thing.

Plus given FSK's views on date-rape (when consent is given but months later consent is withdrawn after the fact) and the way men get screwed by family courts (no or little access to children and have their houses taken away by crooks and extortionate legal fees), homosexuality is now seeming to me like a sensible idea.

I'm not attracted to the same sex and so being single is my sensible option.

Anonymous said...

I'll concede to that, however, bullying did provide a form of error correction.

FSK said...

I disagree with "People who don't conform to the majority should be bullied."

Anonymous said...

When are you coming back to OnionNet?

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:

FSK, you might be right that 'Anarchist' is a woman. But either way it is merely another hormonal waste - - kinda like an atheist in a tuxedo at his own funeral. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

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