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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is Healthcare "Reform" Constituional?

A lot of people are asking "Is the healthcare 'reform' law Constitutional?" There are several pending lawsuits that will ultimately be resolved by the Supreme Court.

This is the wrong question. The important point is "This is a bad law." The "reform" law is pork and corporate welfare. Real reform would eliminate the State licensing cartel for doctors. Due to State licensing requirements, there's an artificial shortage of doctors. This reduces supply, drives up prices, and reduces quality.

The mainstream media debate of healthcare "reform" never mentions "The State licensing cartel for doctors is evil!" It's an unstated hidden assumption, that State licensing requirements are beneficial. Most people are so pro-State brainwashed to blame other causes, that they won't even consider the evil State licensing cartel. In typical zombie fashion, people reflexively shut down their brain when I say "The State doctor licensing cartel is evil!"

Most laws have a "severability" clause. That means "If one part is ruled Unconstitutional, then the rest of the law still applies." The healthcare "reform" law has no "severability" clause. If the "individual mandate" part is struck down, then the whole law is nullified.

Is the "individual mandate" Constitutional? Actually, it's only slightly more evil than things the Federal government already does. Via the income tax, the Federal government has unlimited taxation power. This gives them power to encourage or heavily tax anything.

Right now, Congress "forces" people to buy a house, via the mortgage tax deduction. Congress "forces" people to save for retirement, via IRA/401(k) tax deduction. Congress forces people to participate in the Social Security ponzi scam.

Under the new law, there's an income tax hike. If you own a "qualifying" health insurance plan, then you get a tax deduction. Legally, it's not much different from all the tax loopholes that already exist. It's similar to the mortgage or IRA tax deductions.

When passing the law, politicians said "This is not a tax hike." If you look at the text of the law, the "individual mandate" was implemented via a tax hike. When arguing in defense of the law, the "income tax" argument will be used.

There are lawsuits regarding "Is this law Constitutional?" These lawsuits will be resolved by the Supreme Court. 2/9 of the judges were appointed by President Obama. There's an obvious conflict of interest.

Supreme Court judges generally rule in favor of expanding Federal government power. You don't get picked to be a Supreme Court judge unless you're a thoroughly brainwashed pro-State troll. A Supreme Court judge's job is to invent clever excuses that justify expanding State power.

The dispute over a Federal government law will be decided by the Federal Supreme Court. There's an obvious conflict of interest. Supreme Court judges are chosen by the President and Congress. They're on the same team. They're members of the same criminal gang.

Via the income tax, the Federal government has virtually unlimited power. That could justify anything, including forcing people to do X via a tax credit.

There's an obvious conflict of interest. Supreme Court judges and politicians are drawn from the same group of insiders. Any dispute with the government is resolved by the government. The slaves are SOL when State thugs abuse their power. It's a monopoly.

If you suggest that a law is Unconstitutional, Congressmen will laugh at you. They know that there are no limits to what they can do. There were many parts of the original Constitution that protected individual freedom. They have been repealed.

"Is this law Constitutional?" is the wrong question. The important point is "This is a bad law." Unless the State doctor licensing cartel is eliminated, all other "reforms" are a distraction.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing that we can do about medical cartel, the only realistic solution is medical tourism. If it is something serious then it is always possible to travel to third world countries and get necessary procedures at fraction of the cost. Contrary to popular beliefs - there are clinics equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and professional doctors.

Anonymous said...

I live in the United Kingdom where people say the National Health Service is being slowly privatized. (The National Health System has become a way that private companies can take out loans at one rate from a bank and charge the government for a higher interest rate, in order to refurbish or build a hospital with the taxpayer footing an inflated bill. The interest rate trick can be used to siphon 60 million pounds a pop from the poor taxpayers. Your taxes are going to a stinky little man with foul breath in an office rubbing his hands. Free money is nice.)

As I live in the UK I pay high taxes. One day I was injured as the result of someone's blatant carelessness. My NHS doctor effectively told me to go away. I should have seen a specialist, but maybe he could not be bothered, maybe it would have come of his budget, who knows? But despite paying high taxes for many years, I got nothing back. I had to use my savings to get treated privately.

Effectively I paid double for my health care. How is this right?

Maybe all my taxes went on wars, big houses for politicians, nice paintings for government offices, free porno videos for MPs' husbands...

Certainly my taxes never went to help me in the one time in my life I needed help.

Anonymous said...

Much more seriously than the case I mentioned in my earlier post, one NHS doctor was refused cancer drugs in the United Kingdom.

The UK government is a bunch of scumbags.

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