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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Fox Business News The Libertarian Channel?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sputnik Moment Or Visigoth Moment?":

FSK, you may want to check the video below out.

More people are espousing views similar to some of your own.
I'd already noticed that video. It's progress, but still short of the truth.

I regularly google "taxation is theft". It's interesting to see more and more people intelligently explaining "taxation is theft". It's interesting to see statists getting frustrated. Statists say "Why do people keep mentioning 'Taxation is theft!' We already logically refuted that."

They were making the State-approved Libertarian argument, "Government is way too big." They did not say "All taxation is theft, no matter what the purpose." They said "The authority of government is legitimate. However, it's way too big."

Walter Williams also writes for On, they all seem to be market anarchists now. He probably was instructed to "tone it down" for his appearance on Fox Business News.

If you're an Austrian economist, it's frustrating to see how Congress and government mismanaged the monetary system. Austrian economists see flagrant corruption blocking reform. This naturally leads to becoming an anarchist.

I *DON'T* consider myself to be an Austrian economist. On, I got into disagreements leading to me being censored. Therefore, I no longer post there. They said "Mises and Rothbard never wrote about the Compound Interest Paradox. Therefore, it is false." If the Compound Interest Paradox isn't officially part of Austrian economics, then I'm not an Austrian economist.

Andrew Napolitano has the most Libertarian-minded show on TV. However, he's still pro-State trolling. It's encouraging and frustrating at the same time. Andrew Napolitano says "The Constitution is wonderful! If only politicians respected it!" rather than "It's all a scam! The Constitution is not a valid contract. All taxation is theft, no matter what the purpose."

Are some insiders intentionally pushing the limits of the "debate ceiling"? Fox Business News is the most Libertarian-oriented channel. They're still short of the full truth.

The "intellectual distance" between mainstream Democrats/Republicans and Libertarians is much smaller than the "intellectual distance" between Libertarians and agorism. You can be a Libertarian, and not have fully cracked your pro-State brainwashing.

There's a huge intellectual leap from "Government is way to big. If we only vote for the right people, things will get better." to "All taxation is theft. No matter what checks and balances you have, government is fundamentally an extortion racket. A government violence monopoly is immoral and unnecessary."

Andrew Napolitano self-published on the Internet before getting his own show on Fox Business News. I should try that. I'm better at explaining economic fraud than almost everyone. "Promote agorism via standup comedy" seems like a worthwhile experiment. I'm waiting to see if I relapse.

If Andrew Napolitano pushes the "debate ceiling", then maybe, in a few years, it'll be possible to discuss market anarchism in the mainstream media. Andrew Napolitano and Ron Paul are simultaneously frustrating and encouraging. It's frustrating, because they still promote the legitimacy of the State and Constitution. They are pro-State trolling. It's promising, because they are the most freedom-oriented politicians and mainstream media celebrities.

Do government insiders already know the real truth, and they're slowly leaking it?


Anonymous said...

One of the themes of FSK's blog is that if you don't actually own something (i.e. you are a director of a public company and lots of other people own the shares) you can be careless with it.

We see the UK government (under the previous Labour administration) spent loads of taxpayer money on paintings for one of their departments. Another department got an expensive refurbishment. I think the Dept of Education got a contemplation lounge.

David Cameron's mortgage interest payments are paid on his expenses and he claims the maximum amount possible. I would like a bigger house, but I don't suck money from the working man to pay for it.

If it ain't your money, you can let it flow.

Taxes are too high. Value Added Tax has recently risen up from the old 17.5% to 20%.

Why are we paying more taxes? We are told government services are being cut.

The only reason is to pay interest payments to the banks on money they created out of thin air.

Why if the government needs money to build a hospital or a school, does it need to go to a bank for a loan and end up paying big interest on it? Why can't the government create the money itself? The stupid PFI (Public-Private finance initiatives) mean as the loan is taken out via a private company intermediary, the interest rates are higher than if the government took it out directly itself.

What a waste of taxpayer money!

And on top of that some hospitals and school built this way remain empty.

A criminal waste of money.

I recently saw a newspaper headline in the UK saying a generation of taxpayers will end up paying more tax for these stupid PFI schemes.

Ha! So these PFI companies have screwed the whole country.

Years ago when I first met a PFI fool, my gut instinct told me he destroys everything he touches. At the time I was thinking of in-house projects, but now I know he has helped destroy the whole country.

FSK said...

One example of PFI in the USA is FRE/FNM.

Anonymous said...

Taxation is evil. There is a greater evil than taxation. That is federal budget deficit. Through sales of bonds to FRB the U.S. Treasury virtually prints money. I would argue that taxation is lesser evil because people still have some control over paying taxes by using legal methods or refusing to pay illegally. When somebody is taxed the process is transparent and it is at least possible to see how much is being stolen.

With budget deficit it is even worse there is no absolutely way to prevent new money from being created and as we all know increase of money mass leads to inflation which is hidden theft. Today it is irrelevant if people pay taxes or not - the congress will alway print as much as needed.

On personal level there is very little that can be done. I can imagine that refusing to consume "free" government services may help. For example, send your children to private school instead of public. Not only education at private school is better but public shool system loses one soul to claim money for. Similarly, if everybody simultaneously stops claiming food stamps. If one person does it then it probably will not help much. But what if everybody in a school district stops to attending public schools? No students, means no money to school district. Of course most people are to weak to do something like this. Probably boycotting the government - not doing business with it or getting any benefits could help, but it is very doubtful that people could become organized to do that.

FSK said...

The Federal Reserve and income tax are two closely linked evils.

The income tax prevents people from boycotting the Federal Reserve. Whenever people work, they must pay income taxes. Only Federal Reserve Notes are accepted as valid for paying taxes.

The income tax creates an artificial demand for Federal Reserve Notes, even though they're intrinsically worthless.

Inflation is theft. Inflation is a type of tax. It's an unavoidable tax as long as you participate in the State slave economy.

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