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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cargo Cult Justice

I read some judge's decisions and prosecution legal filings. Instead of thinking "What a wise decision!", I now see "These are the rantings of a crazy person!"

A judge thinks "If I say the magic words, then it's justice!" In reality, the judge is making up a fancy excuse for what he wanted to do anyway. If you're a pro-State troll and everyone around you is a pro-State troll, then fake justice seems like real justice.

One lawyer wrote "The actual legal arguments you make are irrelevant. The connections and reputation of the lawyer matters more." If you're a lawyer representing non-insiders in a dispute with insiders, it can be a bad career move! (That link is an interesting story about a lawyer confronting corruption in the State legal cartel.)

This is even worse for pro se defendants. The judge is automatically biased against them, while trying to seem to be impartial. If I were the victim of a politically-motivated trial, I'd try to go pro se, but I'll make my decision when it happens. If you're the victim in a politically-motivated trial, your goal is not "convince the judge he's wrong". Your goal is "convince all jurors to acquit, or for one juror to hold out for 'not guilty'".

The term "cargo cult" comes from a military base in Africa during WWII, near a primitive tribe. The military base was a huge economic boom. After the war was over, the military left. The natives missed the riches that the soldiers bought. They built wooden runways, control towers, and airplanes. They thought that would bring back the soldiers and their wealth.

"Cargo cult" means "go through the motions without understanding why". State judges go though the motions of justice, while real justice is gone.

Most mainstream science is actually "Cargo Cult Science". They're pretending to do real research, but really faking it. They go through the motions of what a real scientist would do.

State psychiatric research is "Cargo Cult Science". It's invalid, due to faulty techniques. A State psychiatric researcher does many things that a real scientist would do. He's going through the motions, without really thinking. If you're a State-licensed pharmaceutical researcher, "Get the drug approved!" is more important than "Perform real science!"

Another example of "Cargo Cult Science" is global warming research. Scientists who give the State-preferred opinion get research grants, and the opposite opinion is denied funding. Most "global warming computer simulations" have "carbon dioxide causes global warming" as an assumption. The computer model is using circular reasoning. In the "Climategate" scandal, global warming scientists were caught faking their data. A group of State-licensed scientists concluded that the State-licensed scientists did nothing wrong. What a surprise! It's as impartial as the "internal affairs" division of the State police monopoly.

The legal system is an example of "Cargo Cult Justice". The judge goes through the motions of what a fair and impartial person might do. He's just faking it. Now, I see that judge's decisions are cleverly disguised pro-State trolling.

Via "Stare Decisis", a Supreme Court decision is treated as unbreakable precedent, even if it's a bad decision. Originally, "respect precedent" meant "good decisions are followed and bad decisions are ignored". In the present, every Supreme Court decision, good or bad, is treated like the verbatim word of God.

"Trial by jury" is another sham. The legal system now has "Cargo Cult Juries". The restrictions of jury selection favor the prosecutor. The defense is barred from mentioning "jury nullification" and other favorable information.

If you want to see severe pro-State trolling, look at the "quatlosers" website. It's a website celebrating tax fraud convictions and the IRS/State. Look at the legal decisions they cite and read them. You can tell "This is the writing of an crazy/evil person." rather than real justice. If you cite the right precedents and use the correct legal jargon, then all sorts of evils are justified!

If you're a State judge, most of your time is spent with lawyers sucking up to you. This gives the State judge an inflated sense of self-importance.

The US legal system has degenerated into "Cargo Cult Justice". Judges go through the motions of being fair and impartial. They're just making up excuses to justify State evil. The problem is that the State legal system has a monopoly. You don't get appointed as a State judge unless you're a severe pro-State troll and you're very politically connected. There's no accountability when the State justice system abuses State power. State judges don't know that they're frauds. They go through the motions of justice without performing actual justice.

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