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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is My Ex-Therapist Stalking Me?

There was a weird incident today. A "mental health crisis response team" rang the doorbell. My parents didn't answer. They left a note, indicating they want me to call them, and that my ex-therapist referred me to them. Naturally, the note totally freaked out my parents.

My attitude is "If those murderers want to talk to me, they have to get a search warrant." I don't see any benefit to talking to them. I told my parents that I don't want to talk to them.

Since they didn't come with police in tow, I'm assuming they had no court order demanding I talk to them. If I talk to them, and the interviewer concludes "FSK is sick!", then I fall under their jurisdiction. Therefore, I should not talk to them.

I thought that when I meet with my therapist, I'm protected by privacy laws? My therapist should *NOT* be complaining to the State "FSK needs to be involuntarily hospitalized! FSK needs to be forced to take drugs!" If my therapist is going to do such things, that defeats the entire purpose of having a therapist.

I wonder if they can get a court order demanding I be hospitalized, based solely on the lies of my ex-therapist? I thought that meeting with a therapist is supposed to be private?

My ex-therapist said "FSK, you need drugs. If you refuse to take them, you're not allowed to visit this clinic anymore." My response was "Fine! Goodbye! I'll find another doctor in my health insurance plan!" (I haven't found a new doctor yet, but I didn't tell my ex-therapist that.)

My ex-therapist then offered a referral. I thought about it, and decided I wanted her to give it to me over the phone. There was no need to visit her for that. I canceled my next appointment, citing the futility of seeing her just to get a referral. She refused to give the referral over the phone. My response, again, was "Fine! Goodbye! I'll find someone else!"

My ex-therapist probably didn't tell her boss what happened. She probably lied and told her boss that I didn't show up to my appointment and had mysteriously disappeared. That's probably why she referred me to the "crisis intervention team". My ex-therapist may merely be acting in CYA mode, and not be a real threat to me.

Anyway, I managed to convince my parents "FSK should not call those murderers back." My ex-therapist had the opportunity to refer me to another doctor, and declined.

My father made an interesting observation. He said "The therapist's other patients were all doped up and totally complacent. FSK was asking his therapist tough questions. The therapist asked her boss what to do. The boss didn't want to be responsible, so she said 'Tell FSK to take drugs!' or 'Tell FSK he can't see you anymore!'"

My mother said "This proves your ex-therapist cared about you. She called the police after she told you that she didn't want you to see her anymore!" My father pointed out the obvious fallacy. She was a bad therapist. I fired her. She called the "crisis intervention center" in CYA mode, because she didn't want to admit to her boss what had happened.

Later, one of the murderers called me. I tried explaining to the murderer that my ex-therapist was behaving unreasonably, but she didn't get it. I explained to them that I didn't need their help and that I didn't want them to contact me again. I wonder if they're going to come back with police?

This is very annoying. Hopefully, this will be the last I hear from them.


Anonymous said...

Just don't freak out on them so they won't have an excuse to subject you to involuntary commitment and the like.

I don't know your circumstances, but getting in touch with the psychiatrist crowd in the first place was probably a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Consider flight. You're on a list, and they will be back.

FSK said...

The fallacy of "run away" is:

- There's no place for me to go.
- My parents would resist my involuntary hospitalization when I'm otherwise not manic. My parents would resist losing me to murderers.

I'm leaning towards "They won't be back.", but you never know. If they were going to call the police and have me involuntarily hospitalized, they would have done so by now.

A psychiatrist interviewing someone will always conclude "The victim needs to be involuntarily hospitalized." The key is to stay out of the mental ward admission unit in the first place.

I've already decided "I'm not talking to them unless forced to violently."

I could tell by talking to the murderer on the phone for a minute or two that she was an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Your level of intelligence causes some of this problem I think. Therapists find it impossible to convince you by talking - since you can outwit them using reason and logic. I believe your best bet is to discuss this matter as rationally and calmly as you can with your parents. If your parents think that you are better off without these people in your lives then they may assist you.

FSK said...

A more accurate statement is "My therapists/psychiatrists are used to using NLP and other pro-State brainwashing tactics. I am resistant."

Most people say "My therapist/psychiatrist is an expert. I bow to your State-licensed authority!" I say "Your advice contradicts my direct personal experience. Therefore, you are an idiot."

I've convinced my parents "In the special case of FSK, drugs might not be appropriate." They see that I'm doing fine now. They don't get "The psychiatry industry is one big fraud."

Actually, I noticed another really weird thing. Do you know how you stretch reflexively after you wake up? I did that this morning, and I just realized **I HAVEN'T DONE THAT FOR 3+ YEARS!!** That's a symptom of withdrawal (drugs wearing off) that's only visible now, a year since the last time I was involuntarily hospitalized.

Mentally, I feel nearly fully recovered, and stronger than when I was first hospitalized. The only way to be sure is to wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

any chance that they're on to your blog? i know that seems crazy, but is there any chance? having experienced some of this same stuff, please be careful when you interact with them. remember, there's a dungeon and guns at their disposal whenever they feel like it.

FSK said...

I mentioned my blog to my two ex-therapists (both the good one and the evil one). Neither of them ever expressed any interest in reading it. I think I never gave them the URL.

The common explanation is the most likely one. My ex-therapist probably lied to her boss about what happened. She probably told her boss that I mysteriously stopped coming to meetings, rather than that I fired her.

She explicitly told me "If FSK refuses to take drugs, he's not allowed at this clinic anymore." She may have been bluffing/lying, but why should I continue seeing a dishonest therapist?

Anonymous said...

Are you a minor or what? Being a minor exposed to psychiatry sucks a lot :/

My experience is that a therapist/psychiatrist/whatever has at best the same information about your life as you do and thus can't come up with a better life-changing scenario than you alone could.

The psychiatry establishment keeps inventing new "diseases", e.g. asperger's, ADHD. It's a load of bull, existing solely to fill the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.

FWIW, antidepressants have a nasty withdrawal, but it passes after a few weeks or so. What have you been taking, anyway?

FSK said...

Actually, I'm 34 years old. After being involuntarily hospitalized the first time, I moved back in with my parents and they still treat me like a child. I'm working on regaining my independence.

I agree that my psychiatrists/therapists don't know anything useful. I did have one good therapist. I feel good about my decision to fire my therapist and not hire a new one (yet).

I consider it a proven fact that the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is one big fraud.

I wasn't taking anti-depressants. I was forced to take anti-psychotics, which are much worse. The physical withdrawal is only a few weeks, but a year later, I'm still noticing that I'm slowly recovering my pre-illness abilities. I estimate the full withdrawal period for anti-psychotic drugs to be a year or longer, based on my personal observations.

fritz said...

Just keep your cool FSK,,That's the most important. As long as your folks can tell you are ok they will be ok. I want you to check out this site, you might know it already its about sui juris and more...

I don't think they can take you against your will...Just play it cool and don't get your self worked up or your parents..

Good luck


Anonymous said...

I didn't think it could get any worse once I found out that the psychiatry industry is in the business of tricking vulnerable people into medicating themselves and their children out of their cognitive thinking abilities.

Now it seems that even talking to a therapist is a dangerous proposition, because they suddenly get power over your life and death.

Even if the number of genuinely helpful therapists outnumbers the number of unhelpful ones, the (hopefully) tiny chance of running into a megalomaniac who's willing to violently impose drugs on you seems like a significant risk.

As an aside, it's good to see that your father had at least a partially positive reaction to the situation.

eagledove9 said...

I have something to say about this incident: I... AM... FURIOUS!!! That was NOT appropriate for them to come knocking on your door, ESPECIALLY when they know that you live with your parents and are therefore being supported and watched by someone all of the time, so that YOUR PARENTS could make a phone call themselves if THEY thought there was a problem. No need for anybody to approach your house and knock on the door. Again, TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. I am so angry that I wish YOU could call the police ON THE THERAPIST, but I have a feeling that would go badly.

Anybody in New York willing to let FSK move in with them?

FSK said...

I agree that my ex-therapist is guilty of neglecting her professional responsibility. What I say to her in private is supposed to be private. My ex-therapist should *NOT* be calling the police saying "FSK should be involuntarily hospitalized!" or "FSK should be forcibly drugged!"

My ex-therapist probably lied to her boss about what happened. She probably told her boss that I just mysteriously stopped coming to meetings. My ex-therapist said "Either FSK takes the drugs, or FSK is not allowed to see me anymore." My response was "Fine! Goodbye!"

I agree that this whole incident proves "It's not safe to hire a State-licensed therapist." If you have a disagreement with your therapist, your therapist may turn you in to the State.

I don't think it's necessary for me to move out right now. My father said "The only way they get to interview FSK is if they come with police and a search warrant." The police probably will side with my parents if they say "FSK is fine right now."

If the murderers were going to assault me, they probably would have come back by now. On the other hand, State bureaucracy moves slowly. If they're starting legal proceedings against me without my consent, that could take awhile. On the other hand, my therapist would be guilty of perjury if she did that.

My ex-therapist is protected by sovereign immunity. It is not practical for me to sue her for malpractice or otherwise file a complaint against her.

It would have been a mistake to let the psychiatrist see me. He had already concluded, before coming to see me, that I needed to be forcibly drugged. Once I let him interview me, I fall under his jurisdiction.

Also, this "crisis response team" was from Coney Island Hospital, where a woman recently died in the mental admissions ward. My parents know from several other sources "Coney Island Hospital is evil!" (They also murdered my grandfather, my father's father.)

Anonymous said...

Don't talk to these people anymore. Once they have shown that they do not have your best interests in mind, you cannot trust them. Any communication with you exposes you to the possibility of them being able to get away with using force.

Anyone from that clinic or that team should only talk to your parents or a lawyer.

This is a case where you want to have a proxy. (And don't think of it as being irresponsible, this is being responsible.)

They can't say your parents are unbalanced and try to get them committed... and your parents won't give them ammo.....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a therapist/patient relationship and the therapist does not want to lose control over the patient. Sounds like you are redefining your role as someone other than the "patient" and its now a perp/victim situation. Tell them not to contact you once, any kind of contact after your request simply to be left alone is harassment. Call the police and press harassment charges anytime you are contacted after you request no further contact by the therapist, any agency referred by the therapist, or anyone having anything to do with the therapist, its a simple criminal misdemeanor, regardless of the therapists professional opinion, after you say leave you alone. Lastly, you can not be forcibly placed in psychiatric care unless you are deemed a threat to yourself or others. If you are forced into psychiatric care, SUE, and be sure to bring all your documented harassment to court with you. These people are solely about making money, has nothing to do with your health, so make it a money thing. First, press criminal charges, then sue for every criminal act in both criminal and civil court. Good luck.

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