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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The conflict between the Israeli branch of the State and the Palestinian branch of the State has escalated again.

The leaders of Israel's government benefit greatly from this conflict. They say "The Palestinian terrorists are a problem! We need more resources!"

The leaders of the Arab governments benefit greatly from this conflict. They say "The Israeli terrorists are a problem! We need more resources!"

The average wage slave in Israel has fear/hatred for the Palestinians. The average Arab wage slave has fear/hatred for the Israelis.

Insiders on both sides are profiting immensely from this conflict! Why would they ever let this lucrative gravy train come to an end?

Israel's government receives massive military subsidies from the US government. If you pay income taxes, you're directly contributing to Israel's poor treatment of the Palestinians.

Palestine's government receives massive subsidies from the US government (funneled indirectly through Arab governments). If you pay income taxes, you're directly contributing to the Arab world's poor treatment of Israelis.

Before the conflict escalated a few years ago, many Palestinians has jobs working in Israel. When the conflict escalated, *ALL* Palestinians were barred from working in Israel. If you owned a business that had a Palestinian as an employee, you were forced to fire them. There was no provision for allowing trustworthy Palestinians to continue working in Israel.

The cattle on both sides are merely the pawns of their leaders. They have no choice but to support the war. Most of them are sufficiently pro-State brainwashed that they cannot imagine any other way.

The problem is that two groups of people are claiming monopolistic control over an area. Palestinians are barred from purchasing land in Israel. When the Israeli State was formed, Palestinians were kicked off their land.

Normally, refugees are accepted into another country. Since the leaders of both sides *WANT* the conflict to escalate, there is no incentive for any country to accept the Palestinians.

The fundamental problem is the illegitimacy of State immigration laws. The Palestinians are denied the right to move to another country and accept a job. They are used as paws by insiders on *BOTH* sides of the conflict.

State insiders love a conflict that can be prolonged endlessly without resolution. An "unsolvable" conflict is an excuse for more State power. Such a conflict allows insiders to loot and pillage. Even though they publicly decry the conflict, insiders are profiting from it and prolonging the conflict.

When both sides of a war receive massive State subsidies, the war can be prolonged for a long time.

The State is not needed to provide security from invasion and terrorism. The State is the *CAUSE* of terrorism. Insiders profit from terrorism, because they can claim more power and resources.

This is the usual "Problem! Reaction! Solution!" paradigm. The State causes a problem. The State propaganda engine says "OMFG!! This is a mess!!" The solution is to give the State more power. This will keep escalating until the State collapses under its own inefficiency.

Paradoxically, if you want to help the average person on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the correct solution is to work as an agorist. When the State collapses, individuals on both sides will have no incentive to continue the conflict.


fritz said...

Cant we all just get along??First Israel takes the land from the Palestinians, places them in concentration camp like cities. And they wonder why they are pissed enough to launch rockets back at them.

Go figure...I have this idea..the U.N. should give them a few weeks to work it out. A lasting peace.And if they cant get it done. The whole place should be turned into glass.. I think they might just figure out a way to come to a peace full settlement.

Anonymous said...

Israel did not steal the land from the Palestinians. The land was stolen from the Palestinians by the Ottoman landlords who allowed the Palestinians to work the land. Israelis then bought the land from the Ottoman landlords and took ownership of the land. So, it's not really the Israelis who took it from the Palestinians in 1947. If you listen to some Hamas leader speaches on, you can be the judge... they are not peaceful people and they want conflict. Hamas is supported by Iran who benefits from higher oil prices. The more conflict is in the region the higher the oil prices. And, so I agree with the author that the innocent are being killed while the leaders stuff their pockets with more money. Each time, you see a war taking place, ask yourself: Who profits from the war? It's expensive to wage a war. The poor Palestinians cannot buy a rocket launching equipment and put it in their backyard, but Iran gives the equipment to Hamas and Hamas will persuade the poor Palestinian that it's in the name of a "religion". When we'll learn from history?

Anonymous said...


You must be a zionist. this conflict is nothing to do with religion. It is abour Europaen Jews going to the middle east and confiscating landfrom the people who already lived there.

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