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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Value of a Backlist

A backlist is a work you've already written, but still make available. If you're a singer or movie star, you earn residual income from your backlist.

As a blogger, my backlist is the list of posts I've already written. They are still available via search engines. New readers to my blog can go back and read old posts. Some people who find my old posts via links or search decide to stick around and follow current updates.

The volume of search engine traffic appears to be directly proportional to the size of your backlist. As you have more posts, more searches will match your blog. As you get more incoming links, your PageRank will increase. Some sources say that Google's scoring algorithm rewards older posts more than newer posts.

I don't copyright my blog's content. Spam blogs sometimes copy my posts. Google recognizes me as the primary author of my blog's content. Spam blogs don't seem to be damaging my PageRank. I don't mind if other people copy content from my blog, but I appreciate a link. If you use my content without a link back, I won't cite your post. If you put content on the Internet, you should accept that people will copy it without citation. It isn't worth the hassle of trying to make them stop, and intellectual property isn't a valid form of property anyway.

Even though I don't earn income from my blog (yet), my backlist of posts has a value. I'm considering a Google AdSense experiment. My long-term goal is to start an agorist-style free market economy. As I get more traffic and more regular readers, it will be easier for me to start an agorist business.


Anonymous said...

Let's talk some more about how exciting it is to check your pagerank or whatever it is in your Google account. Agorist, my *ss.

Did your therapist ever mention narcissism in your diagnosis, in addition to whatever else you have?

Let's drink to your accomplishments, and to your Google experiment some more!

You are right, you did have some good material in the past (as sophomoric as some of it may be, the discovery process was interesting). However you must have been medicated in the last month or so, as your work is really subpar and you seem to be obsessed with google (and technology in general).

Sorry, when it does hit the fan, writing web apps or collecting advertising revenue is not going to be a viable business. Learn to make something with your hands, farming techniques or something instead of regurgitating the same old 'I am an agorist who loves google and I am soo cool that I will make $10 a month by selling my subscriber base to google' argument.

You used to say something, but now you don't.

fritz said...

Things wax and wain, thoughts, ideas, inspiration,. I have this great idea, As long as fsk doesn't make incredible posts. We should ride his ass, and talk down about him.

just kidding bro. Either way I will read you once a day.


Anonymous said...

I agree. You haven't had many substantial posts lately.

Anonymous said...

The real value is in keeping these comments to yourself. Make the Google money and use it for other ends, but don't talk about it.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at