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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fake Change - Obama vs. Bush

One of my "promote agorism" ideas involves getting a video camera and making some vlogs and other sketch comedy.

I was watching the Windows commercial, where "Mojave is Windows Vista with a new label". That gave me an idea for a great fake genuine advertisement. (If anybody out there has a vlog, feel free to copy my idea and post a link. I don't consider intellectual property as a valid form of property.)

[Playing the Windows Mojave commercial music in the background.]

Announcer: How do you like the new President? (shows picture of Obama)
User #1: He's looks like a great President.
User #2: He's a big improvement over that old President.
User #3: He's much better than that old President. Bush was no good.
Announcer: What if I told you that it's just the old President with a new label? (reveals that Obama picture has a picture of Bush underneath)
Announcer: Putting a new label on the same crappy old software helps trick people that it doesn't suck!

(Actually, the comparison is unfair to Windows Vista. I use Vista and have had no serious problems. "Vista sucks!" refers mostly to problems during the initial release of Vista, which were since corrected, combined with a successful marketing campaign by Apple.)

Obama doesn't represent any genuine change. However, he does represent a certain type of change.

In politics, most people succeed based on their connections. For example, current President Bush was elected President primarily because his father was President.

There also are people who succeed based on their ability to prove that they're thoroughly brainwashed as a pro-State troll.

In other words, Bush represents "Success in politics based on connections over ability!" Obama represents "Success in politics based on your ability to sell out your constituents while still appearing to be an advocate for change." Bush succeeded based on his connections. Obama succeeded based on his ability to sell out while appearing to be non-establishment. It's a superficial change from connections-based corruption to merit-based corruption.

Obama is ultimately controlled by the same insiders who control Bush. He doesn't have the ability to deviate from the script that has been provided for him.

For now, "Obama represents fake change!" is a useful evil fnord. It helps keep the clueless masses complacent during the complete economic and political collapse, while agorists can start working on building a true free market economy. If the mainstream media started broadcasting the truth, there would be a massive panic. It's much better to let the most intelligent people slowly discover the truth first.


fritz said...

You know, when I was brain washed things felt a lot safer. Now that I know the truth I feel like I have been had. Robbed and taken advantage of.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. And sometimes I long for the days gone by. When I felt like the state was taking care of and protecting me.

lets start by making some positive agorist Fnords.. Ideas anyone??

Anonymous said...

What is fnord? Is that like a sneeze? Gezundheit!

FSK said...

You really aren't paying attention if you just noticed that "fnord" is a common topic. I already wrote an explanation.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at