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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogger Has Buggy Trackbacks

I have trackbacks enabled for this blog. If you link to a post on my blog, then there's supposed to be a link back automatically added to my post. However, there seems to be a Blogger bug where they don't get entered properly. It's hit-or-miss whether a link to my blog generates a trackback or not.

Don't feel that I'm snubbing you if you don't get a trackback. There is a feature whereby I can delete trackbacks. I only did that when I first started blogging, and a spam blog linking and getting a trackback banished my blog to "Supplementary Results". I suspect it was the spam site that ruined my PageRank temporarily, because I was in the main search index for awhile. I don't have time to go inspect every post for spammy trackbacks. (It would be nice if there was some sort of E-Mail notification, but Blogger only does that for comments.)

If your site is in "Supplementary Results", you're basically SOL for getting search traffic. Allegedly, Google only can support 2^32 pages in their main index (32 bit addressing), so lesser sites go to "Supplementary Results". Google may have fixed that flaw in their search engine, since then.

I'm looking forward to abandoning Blogger for WordPress. Blogger's bugginess factor seems to be increasing lately, rather than decreasing. When Blogger ate one of my large Reader Mail drafts, I was saying "I'm abandoning this ****ing Blogger!" Moving to self-hosted WordPress and my own site is now on my "list of things to do", but there's no need to rush. I'm probably going to wait until after I get my first AdSense check.

I hope I don't lose my accumulated PageRank when I switch to self-hosting. I'll see. I'm making the move soon/eventually anyway, because I want the extra freedom of hosted LAMP. I'm a software engineer, and I want to be able to put my own programs on my website.

Except for the "core" products (search, AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, gmail), Google really hasn't done anything that's impressed me lately. Knol was a flop. (I haven't even bothered going back to look again.) Blogger's been getting buggier. There've been no substantially new features added to Blogger, Analytics, or gmail in the past year.

I read that a lot of Google's best employees are leaving to startups, rather than starting a "20% project" and giving Google ownership. (Google has a policy where software engineers can use 20% of their time on any project they choose. When Google first started, many of its cool products started this way. I believe gmail started as a "20% time" project.)

"Google is a threat to Microsoft" appears to be false. Google grew too big too fast. When a corporation gets too big, eventually the parasites dominate instead of the productive workers. I wonder if Google's founders could even get hired by Google as employees now!? (assuming they had equivalent skill, but not their current reputation) Parasites instinctively filter out productive workers in the hiring process, because they are concerned that a skilled productive worker will point out they're unqualified. For this reason, the typical "hiring by committee" process used in large corporations is defective.

You might say "If you don't like it, start your own business!", but State restriction of the market makes that difficult. For this reason, I'm looking towards starting agorist businesses instead of an on-the-books business. With an agorist business, I don't have any State-induced overhead, and can contribute only a few hours per week until it seems profitable. Of course, my blog is sort of a business now, but it isn't anywhere close to full-time income.


Anonymous said...

Blogger sucks for Trackbacks. IMO, that is one area where Wordpress is far superior.

I go out of my way to link to Wordpress blogs, because I know I will get track and pingbacks. I never get Blogger ping or trackbacks.

I think this hurts Blogger blogs from an interlinking perspective.

You will likely lose your PR when you move. The problem with not having your own domain name, is that you are always building PR for someone else. You might be able to redirect your traffic to this URL, but without a proper 301 redirect, I don't think you can pass link juice.

PR is irrelevant anyway. You can recover your search position with time. Making sure you keep your traffic and increasing your backlinks (with WP self hosted, good :) ) then you will be fine.

PS. A single bad backlink (trackback) will not affect your SERP placement. If that was the case, people would build bad backlinks to their competitors so they could rise in the SERPs.

PPS. If you have been emailing me, I haven't checked mail in about 2 weeks, so I haven't been ignoring you. I have too many domains and addresses and need to merge them into one central account somehow.

Anonymous said...

You have built PR for this blogspot address. PR is overrated in a way. I mean the PR number is meaningless. SERPS are important and the links are important. But the links and anchor text is the important aspect, not the PR itself.

If I were you I would keep this blogger blog open and also start a self hosted blog on a domain. You can then use this blog to pass on some juice to the new project(s).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this doesn't count as a daily post. If you want to rant about blogger/wordpress/adsense fine, but don't do it at the expense of actual content.

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