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Monday, January 12, 2009

An Example of how the State Controls the Mainstream Media

There was one point in the scandal regarding Illinois' governor that I forgot to emphasize.

The Chicago Tribune published an article that was critical of the governor. The governor tried to get the editor of the Chicago Tribune fired, for publishing an article critical of him. He threatened to withhold a State subsidy/loan, if the editor were not fired.

I'm surprised that other people didn't make a bigger deal over this point. Illinois' governor presumed that he had the power to get the editor of a newspaper fired for criticizing him.

Suppose the editor of the Chicago Tribune had published an article critical of the Federal Reserve and income tax. You can be *SURE* he would have gotten fired if he tried this.

When mainstream media corporations are reliant on State subsidies, that totally distorts their ability to be critical of the State.

With a corrupt monetary system, it's very easy for financial industry insiders to take over or destroy any on-the-books business that doesn't toe the Statist party line. All they have to do is manipulate the share price downward and arrange a leveraged buyout, eliminating the CEO who refuses to participate in the scam. If the business is privately owned, then a competitor can be financed to bankrupt the honest businessman.

The average pro-State troll says "If there were a severe problem with the US economic and political system, then the mainstream media watchdogs would certainly say something!" The mainstream media is a captured regulator, acting for the interests of State insiders rather than the interests of the average person. The occasional really corrupt politician is exposed, to provide the illusion that the system is fair. The corrupt individual is blamed, and never the corrupt system.

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Anonymous said...

From an anarchist point of view, it's nobody's fault that the newspaper needs State funds, so the newspaper shouldn't even exist. The fact the State can even threaten to do such a thing means they outright OWN them.

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