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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ray Sandford's Murder

I liked this article about Ray Sandford. He is a mental health patient who is being forced to take electroshocks against his will. State police regularly escort him from his home to a hospital, where he is given forced electroshock "therapy".

The laws in most states are being continually strengthened, allowing patients to be treated against their will. I am lucky that no such order was ever obtained against me. My most recent therapist started insisting I must take drugs. I was concerned she might seek such an order against me, so I fired her. (She was dishonest enough to do such a thing without my consent, but she probably hadn't started the legal process. She can't now, because I'm not her patient anymore.)

Even though Ray Sandford has not been convicted of a crime, he will be forced to take electroshocks regularly until a court rules otherwise. Mental health patients do not get the due process afforded to criminals.

If you ask a psychiatrist "Does the patient have the right to refuse treatment?", the answer is "**NO**!!" The patient is presumed to be mentally incompetent. Anybody who would refuse a "beneficial" treatment is obviously insane. A patient/victim's desire to refuse treatment is evidence that they are in fact sick. They even have a fancy name for it, "non-compliance with medication", which really means "The patient figured out that the treatment is actually harmful."

Once the electroshock law is approved, there is no burden of proof on the State psychiatrists/murderers/bureaucrats to prove that the treatment is beneficial. If Ray Sandford's mental health deteriorates, then the State psychiatrist will say "This is evidence he needs stronger electroshock therapy!"

I took anti-psychotic drugs for about 2 months before I figured out they were bad for me. I complained to my psychiatrist about the side effects. I said that I was unable to concentrate, sleep properly, read, enjoy watching TV, or enjoy playing computer games. My psychiatrist said "FSK, your complaints are evidence that you are very sick and need drugs. You should consider adding another drug to your regimen, to counteract the side-effects." My psychiatrist told my parents "Horrible things will happen to FSK if he stops taking the drugs. You must make sure that, no matter what, FSK continues to take his drugs." It's almost as if my psychiatrist knew that his scam would be exposed if I stopped taking the drugs.

My psychiatrist was so stupid that he interpreted my complaints about drug side effects as symptoms of my mental illness. I know now that he was wrong, because all the side-effect symptoms went away when I stopped taking the harmful drugs.

All my psychiatrists have said "FSK should try different drugs." or "FSK needs more drugs." They never considered the possibility that the drugs themselves are damaging. They keep suggesting a different dose or another drug in the same family. All those drugs work by blocking neurotransmitters in the brain. Switching from one neurotransmitter blocker to another neurotransmitter blocker accomplishes nothing, because they both will interfere with my thinking ability.

Despite the lies of my psychiatrist, I managed to convince my parents that I should be allowed to stop taking the drugs. My concentration ability improved, but the withdrawal was *NASTY*. I was having spasms due to my neurotransmitter levels re-normalizing. I was taking drugs that blocked my neurotransmitters, and my body had compensated by generating extra neurotransmitters. When I stopped taking the drugs, I now was at the other extreme, from too few neurotransmitters to too many. I gradually recovered my memories that I had lost when I was doped up. My concentration ability was improving. However, I was showing the symptoms of what a mental illness looks like. I estimate that the full withdrawal period takes a year or longer. Physical withdrawal is a week or two, but it takes as long as a year for your body to re-establish normal neurotransmitter levels.

During the withdrawal process, the shock was so bad that I was involuntarily re-hospitalized again a few times. I hope I've stabilized at a higher level of awareness, and won't be at risk for being involuntarily hospitalized again. The only way to be sure is to wait and see what happens.

There was one point not emphasized enough in the article. There are many State bureaucrats who are giving Ray Sandford his forced electroshock treatment. There are many people profiting off Ray Sandford's murder, at taxpayer expense.

Many mental health victims are living on welfare. A lot of the State budget for "welfare" is used to treat patients against their will, either by outright force or by lying to them and telling them the "treatment" is beneficial. At the mental health clinic, it seemed that many of the patients were on some form of welfare. I felt particularly disturbed by the large number of children in the clinic, whose parents were unaware they were complicit in their child's murder.

The authors of that Ray Sandford article are lobbying the State to free Ray Sandford. They are wasting their time. Lobbying the State to correct a State-caused problem is hopeless. As long as they pay taxes, they are contributing towards Ray Sandford's murder. The members of the anti-psychitary movement should switch to working towards eliminating the State. They are acting like slaves petitioning their masters to be less cruel.

Also notice that, each person quoted in the article claims no responsibility for Ray Sandford's murder. The police who escort him to the hospital say "We're just doing our job. There's a court order." The psychiatrists who injure him say "There's a court order. We have to do it. Besides, we're helping him." The judge says "There already is a court order that rules Ray Sandford is mentally incompetent. Why should I waste time reviewing an old decision?" The judge that gave the original order said "The psychiatrist is a State-licensed expert. He says that Ray Sandford is insane. Why should I question his judgement?" The governor says "I'm not going to interfere with the proper working of the legal system and mental health system." Besides, Ray Sandford was not convicted of a crime. He isn't even eligible for a pardon! (not that the governor would give one) Each of the above people are criminals. In a true free market justice system, I would rule that all of them are guilty of murder. The State protects each of the above people via sovereign immunity. They are just doing their jobs. They are just following orders. In this manner, the State commits massive crimes. "I was just following orders" is never a valid defense.

The criminal actions of the State are split among many people. There's the police/enforcers, whose sole job is violence. If you're the type of person who doesn't blindly obey orders, then you don't get hired to work as a policeman. There's the politicians, who make up the laws at the request of lobbyists. In Ray Sandford's case, leaders of the mental health industry lobbied for the mandatory treatment/profit law. There's the judges and lawyers, who provide an illusion of legitimacy to the proceedings. There's the psychiatrists, who sincerely believe they're doing the right thing and are too stupid/brainwashed to notice the massive crime they're committing. Surprisingly, the psychiatrists I've dealt with seem to have a much *LOWER* level of emotional awareness than the average person. You'd have to be emotionally clueless to murder your patients.

In order for me to fully boycott the psychiatry/death industry, I must also boycott the income tax and Federal Reserve. Otherwise, part of the wealth stolen from me via taxes is used to pay for the profits of people who attempted to murder me. The Welfare State creates an incentive to created drugged up mindless drones, because State bureaucrats can then milk them for welfare payments and State subsidies.


Anonymous said...

The banality of evil. In a sense, yes, they are all little Eichmanns.

I agree with you on all the points except perhaps the free-market part, being a hardline leftist myself.

Reading this made me remember some things i don't exactly want to remember. Be seeing you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and note that situation's the same in other "civilized" parts of the world as well. Psychiatric practices look the same here in Central Europe.

It's ridiculous. No one entered a contract with the state forcing them to live by virtue of being born. Right to death seems even more fundamental than the right to live.

I'd recommend getting a job, your own flat or a house and thus gaining a level of independence. Easy for me to say, though. Don't give them any excuses, e.g. avoid visible signs of self harm, don't freak out in public, don't get arrested. If you ever decide to kill yourself, make sure you're successful on the first attempt.

Wish you all the best luck in the world.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am a little confused ( and I think you are as well)..

Are you an adult? I figured you were based on some of your writings.

However, whenever you write about mental health issues you appear to be a minor child or at least someone who WANTS to be.

Why would your therapist discuss anything with your parents? Why would you ( as you have stated before)go to therapy just to please your parents?

How old are you? It seems to me that there is a weird disconnect between your agorist beliefs and your role as a child of psychiatry.

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