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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tea Party Terrorists

This quote was offensive. Vice President Biden said that Tea Party Congressmen who voted against the debt ceiling increase were "terrorists".

That's the new definition of terrorism. If a Congressman says "This law is bad. I'm not voting for it.", then he's a terrorist.

If the Vice President is hostile to inside-the-system protest, like Congressmen voting against a law, then what alternatives are there? Doesn't the Vice President know that the "Tea Party Congressmen" are mostly shills for the State, helping provide the illusion of a serious attempt at reform?

Government spending needs to be slashed. The actual cuts were a farce. "We're increasing spending by less than we previously said. We count that as a budget cut". That's silly.

If insiders are serious about preventing complete collapse, government spending needs to be slashed by 50%, 75%, 90%, or more. Unfortunately, most government spending is "politically untouchable" (i.e., lobbyists will complain). At this point, collapse seems incredibly likely.


Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
My wife came home Tuesday with both arms loaded with new apparel. I asked how much that cost. Her reply was that she saved almost two hundred dollars - JUST TODAY ALONE!
My retort was, That's not what I asked, so how much did you spend?
She said: Look, you always tell me to save money wherever I can,don't you?
I said Yes, but....
She smiled and said: Then we agree in principle, don't we, and let's just leave it at that to avoid any unpleasantries.....

D.C. said...

Due to budget cuts the state of Connecticut is closing the one small satellite DMV office "serving" all of Northeast Connecticut. The office was only open three days a week and the lines ran out the door as if it were the entrance to a rock concert.
The town of Putnam even payed for the building (a shack really) and the maintenance (such as snow plowing). Now that it is closed tens of thousands of people will be forced to drive about 60 miles and wait in the lines there.
The amazing thing is that the state of CT has NO safety inspections on any car of any age, they do not test driver skills to renew your license and now they do not even issue any colorful stickers to paste on your car.

This is government terrorizing the people directly.

On another note it is kind of funny how S&P down graded the US debt at 8:33 PM on a Friday night, Maybe they hope no one will notice. . .

Scott said...

Biden is a terrorist and he knows it. Also completely a psychopath. You know he wrote the first version of the Patriot Act and bragged about it. He is also a plagiarist who steals other people's stories and claims they are his own. This got him in some trouble a few years back, but that's all been brushed under the rug.

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