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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Brother Lying Analysis

Most State TV shows are propaganda. Most "reality" shows are not a model for normal human interaction. The rules of most "reality competitions" guarantee that you have to lie and backstab in order to win. With normal human interaction, it's about building a long-term relationship. On a reality TV show, you never have to see someone again once you backstab them.

Still, there are interesting bits.

On Sunday's episode of "Big Brother", there was an excellent bit that illustrates lying.

Here is a link to the episode. (It's "episode 11", if you watch after Wednesday, when that link changes.)

Watch the next to last segment, when Danielle, Brendon, and Rachel are talking. (This is around 35:00.) All 3 are completely lying. Brendon and Rachel have already decided that Danielle is their next target. Danielle has already decided that she's nominating Brendon and Rachel. They are pretending to make a deal.

Notice the way that Brendon, Rachel, and Danielle all are blinking during the conversation. This is one thing I've noticed. People tend to blink when they're lying. Notice that the blinking intensity is proportional to the amount of lying. Watch when Rachel says "There's no reason for us to not work together." She's blinking very rapidly.

You can also see this sometimes on the Communism Channel (CNBC). The speaker blinks in proportional to the amount of lies.

You won't notice this with world class liars, like politicians. They're usually just reading from a teleprompter or reciting memorized talking points, without thinking. For the world class liar, the lie is the truth, making it not a lie. Politicians almost *NEVER* deviate from the prepared script, so you won't notice their lying body language.

Even though State TV is almost pure propaganda, there are interesting bits if you know where to look. The rules of reality shows like "Big Brother" explicitly reward dishonesty and backstabbing. However, it's interesting to notice people when they're lying. The segment with Brendon, Rachel, and Danielle is an excellent example of "People blink a lot when they lie!"

There's another interesting bit, from earlier in the same episode. On Big Brother, the "token black guy" is very often also the "token homosexual". They're knocking off two minority checklist groups with the same person.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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