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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Common Evil Photo Propaganda Trick

Michele Bachman was on the cover of Newsweek. Look at the photo.

This is an *EXTREMELY COMMON* propaganda trick. If you want to make someone look bad, cherry pick a lousy photo.

There are thousands of photos of any politician or celebrity. If you want to make someone look bad, look through them and pick the worst photo.

Normally, magazines publish airbrushed pictures. Publish a non-airbrushed photo of your victim.

I also saw this trick used against Ron Paul. Other candidates would be portrayed smiling. Ron Paul would be portrayed as frowning and from a bad camera nagle.

The propaganda goal is clear. If you say that government is too big, then you're a dangerous fruitcake.

Michele Bachman is another flavor of statist. However, she is somewhat moving the public debate in the direction of "Government is way too big!"

This is a pretty flagrant piece of propaganda. By publishing a non-airbrushed carefully-selected photo, the mainstream media can make anyone look bad.


Alienated said...

I agree completely. It's annoying to me that people are fooled by transparently obvious propaganda techniques. Most people, regardless of political affiliation, are extremely stupid.

I consider myself to be normal. But my IQ is a bit more than three standard deviations from average, as is yours obviously. Consider how frustrated an average person would be if he had to deal with severely retarded people who were three deviations BELOW average. It would be utterly exhausting and pointless to talk about normal things with someone who can not dress or feed themselves and who only knows a few words. That difference is the same difference between the normal masses that support the mainstream candidates and read Time and Newsweek and us. It is like being the only human in the monkey cage at the zoo. Extremely frustrating and pointless to even try to explain things, they will never understand. They are too stupid.

proto said...

Newsweek -- weren't they they sold for $1 about this time last year?

Anonymous said...

I like how somalia is on the front page.

Fighting Stupidity said...

Given that Bachmann is an evil witch bent on bringing the Christian Taliban into power, the picture is mild.

I am not suprised you are a fan, being you are proudly ignorant of programming

This Blog Has Moved!

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