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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rick Perry On The Federal Reserve

This story is very interesting. Rick Perry said that the Federal Reserve is almost treasonous, due to their inflationary policies.

At this point, a pro-State troll says "Why is Rick Perry whining about inflation?! The CPI is low! I know inflation is low, because Bernanke and the mainstream media said so!"

This post on zerohedge
had a great inflation analysis. I believe he's looking a commodity futures/spot prices. This is the 1 year change. Notice how gold is close to the middle of the range. I consider gold to be the best inflation measure over a 5+ year time period.

  • Unleaded gas prices are up 45%.
  • Heating oil prices are up 46%.
  • Corn prices are up 71%.
  • Soybean prices are up 26%.
  • Rice prices are up 13%.
  • Pork prices are up 31%.
  • Beef prices are up 25%.
  • Coffee prices are up 38%.
  • Sugar prices are up 48%.
  • Cotton prices are up 13%.
  • Gold prices are up 42%.
  • Silver prices are up 115%.
  • Copper prices are up 23%.
Rick Perry is criticizing the Federal Reserve's inflationary policies.

This is a very promising sign. Politicians other than Ron Paul are more openly criticizing the Federal Reserve.

Why should the Federal Reserve be "independent"? "Independent Federal Reserve" is a code word for "We can inflate and steal as much as we want, without any public disclosure or accountability." Why should there be "more accountability for teachers" but the Federal Reserve gets to be "independent"?

It's also amusing to see people denounce Perry as "irresponsible", because he dared to criticize the sacred Federal Reserve. There's the usual backlash from statists, when someone says a bit of the forbidden truth.
New York Times Washington correspondant Binyamin Applebaum tweeted that Perry's comments were "horrifying," and asked the question, "This is a major party presidential candidate??"
It is very predictable, the hostility against accidental truth-tellers. I wonder if someone had a sit-down with Perry and told him "Dude! You can't criticize our gravy train like that! You aren't going to get elected if you talk like that!"?

Also notice that criticizing Rick Perry's comment is a type of endorsement. It's better media coverage than Ron Paul, who is typically ignored.

Cynically, Rick Perry may be doing this to gather some of the Ron Paul voters. It is very likely that Rick Perry is criticizing the Federal Reserve, but won't do anything about it (if elected President). It still is progress.

Rick Perry also correctly pointed out that, if Ben Bernanke heavily inflates, that will benefit Obama's reelection chances. Inflation creates the illusion of economic growth and the illusion that the economy is getting better. For example, if the Federal Reserve inflates, that pushes up the stock market. A rising stock market is touted as a sign of economic recovery, even if returns are less than true inflation.

If the Federal Reserve adopted a tight monetary policy, that could hurt Obama's reelection results.

The Federal Reserve can influence the election results. That's a valid complaint by Rick Perry. That's also a valid reason for Rick Perry to shut up and stop criticizing the Federal Reserve.

Also, Rick Perry seems to have the "abused productive" personality type. Look at this photo.

Notice the 45 degree laugh lines. Notice that the right side of his face is slightly disfigured compared to the left. I can't be 100% sure, because I haven't met him. It's hard to evaluate personality type from a photo, when dealing with a politician.

(I wonder if some insiders are doing a serious personality profile, and making sure the next President isn't a psychopath or parasite. However, most/all politicians have evil tendencies, or evil people advising/lobbying them.)

Ron Paul is a longshot to win. Rick Perry is one of the favorites. In the Republican Presidential primaries, the governor of Texas gets a bye to the semifinals.

It is a good sign, that Rick Perry is openly criticizing the Federal Reserve. Whether Rick Perry really means it, or is doing it to attract votes, it's nice to see top politicians openly criticizing the Federal Reserve.


Anonymous said...

Dont be fooled by Rick Perry. He is bought and paid for by those behind the Federal Reserve.

All he is doing is channeling Ron Paul to try and capture some of the freedom/Tea Party/patriot crowd because the Establishment is worried about the level of support Paul is getting across the political spectrum. They are desperately trying to fracture Paul's base by co-opting it.

Scott said...

Perry thing is a total scam. If he believed this he'd have been saying it before he realized he needed to suck off support for Ron Paul in order to clear the path for whoever gets the nomination in the end. He is about splitting the libertarian vote to reduce Paul's percentages. This is an old game, played every time there is an outsider candidate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is correct. Rick Perry as a politician and a man is no different than any other politician. He's a known philanderer, so he'll fit right in in D.C. And he's a Bilderburg toady, being invited to their annual meeting this year. The current infestor in the white house was also invited the year before he was
"elected" president.

I've been reading your blog for years. I am one of probably a great many who appreciate your insight.

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