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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Radical Extremists For Rule Of Law

This article had a really neat quote.

A society is in serious trouble when its political pariahs have at the core of their demands a return to the rule of law.
By "rule of law", I mean natural law. When a Statist says "rule of law", he means "A group of insiders make up rules and use the threat of violence to force everyone else to obey."

For example, the War on Raw Milk is a clearcut violation of natural law. According to statutory State law, the War on Raw Milk is 100% legal, because a bunch of lobbyists and Congressmen approve of the law. Even if you believe, "Raw milk might be bad for you.", you should believe "People should be allowed to buy and sell raw milk, if they're 100% informed of the potential risk." If you take proper precautions, raw milk isn't that dangerous. Some people believe that raw milk tastes better, which is actually an indication that it's healthier. There's a clearcut economic terrorism reason for the War on Raw Milk. It benefits large corporate farms at the expense of small farms. The pasteurization requirement is a regressive tax on small farms.

The raw milk clubs are a partial implementation of agorism. State thugs are now very aggressively infiltrating them and shutting them down. The problem is that a raw milk seller needs 100% assurance that a potential new customer isn't an undercover cop. There's no agorist trading network that can make such assurances.

A Statist believes "The current legal system is a very good approximation of natural law!" Initially, the USA legal system was a decent approximation of natural law. It still had flaws, because it allowed for some taxation and enabled insiders to use violence to enforce bad laws, like the Fugitive Slave Act and the Alien and Sedition Acts. The USA system no longer is a decent approximation of natural law. It has degenerated into a corruption game for the exclusive benefit of insiders.

The USA was initially very successful, because the USA system was a decent approximation of natural law. The system in the USA has deviated severely from natural law. This leads to the current decline.

This is a common Statist mistake. State statutory law has almost no relationship to natural law.

That is pretty funny. That's a good summary of the problem with the USA. The "radical extremists" are the people demanding "rule of law" or, more accurately, "rule of natural law".


Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
Agorism is the only pragmatic system remaining wherein demand can be the impetus for truly free markets. They can only be free when they are free from intervention, manipulation, regulation, and Statist theft. The result is the Rule of Natural Law.
The hero of the Elitists, Socialists, Statists, Populists, and Thug-Oligarchs said it perfectly, when describing monetizing-the-debt inflation as follows:
"By this means, government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft,"-- John Maynard Keynes.

Anonymous said...

I have a request for you, FSK. How albout putting some of your considerable analytical/anti-bullshit skills toward the 9/11 story? You live in New York, right? The 10 year anniversary is nearly upon us and that's probably the one topic I have never seen you address. What are your thoughts?

dionysusal said...


He has addressed it. He's agnostic about it. I have tried to convince him Israel/Zionists did it, but he doesn't buy it. Oh well. I'm not gonna worry about it. He's still a good guy.

Anonymous said...

I am a wide awake Jew who has studied 9/11 inside and out for ten years and I would be willing to bet decades off my life that it was a joint U.S. government-Israeli Mossad operation. There's not even a shred of doubt in my mind. All the evidence points in that direction.

FSK probably just hasn't been properly introduced to that evidence yet. Most people haven't. I'd sure like to see him give it a whirl, though.

gilliganscorner said...

Why address the 9/11 story when the murders of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's by a President in plain site with no conspiracy?

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