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Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Phone Soon

I'm planning to get a new cellphone soon. I'm probably going to get a Droid 3.

I'm not getting an iPhone. I don't like the locked-down environment.

With Android, you don't get root access unless you hack your phone. However, you can publish Android apps without going through the Google store.

There are many nice apps available for Android that are banned from the iPhone. I'm particularly interested in classic console emulators. You can play old Atari games on your Android phone! That's banned from the iPhone, due to the "no 3rd party runtimes" rule.

I might experiment with the Android SDK. It's been awhile since I did any personal software projects for fun. Unfortunately, I don't have much energy leftover after working.

The only negative for the Droid 3 is that it doesn't support 4G. I'm primarily using the phone on the subway and at work, so that doesn't matter much. (At work, I'm on the -3rd floor (negative 3), getting zero bars.)

The other negative of the Droid 3 is that it has a weird "Pentile" display with sometimes-pixellated resolution. I'm willing to overlook that.

Here's an interesting word of caution. Don't buy a 32GB micro SD card from the Verizon store! They are $100+ at Verizon but only $50 at Best Buy. Similarly, I'm not going to buy a case at Verizon. The Droid 3 comes with 16GB memory + 4GB micro SD card. I'm going to go with a 32GB card, especially if I'm putting a bunch of games on it.

The library of all old Atari games takes up 0.5GB. That is very amusing. All games written for the old Atari 800 fit in 1/60 of my 32GB micro SD card!

There's also a Blogger app for Android. It seems lame compared to the WordPress version, with very limited features. Still, it'll be better than my lousy LG envTouch. I could always write drafts in the Android word processor and copy them to Blogger later.

I'm also going to use an Android spreadsheet to keep track of the "FSK price index". I'm doing it crudely in Excel now. It'll be easier with an Android phone, immediately entering the price in the store.

I really am looking forward to the Droid 3. I hope it's a good choice.


Anonymous said...

I love my Android LG Optimus V and Android Asus Transformer tablet. I take them with me wherever I go and the Optimus phone acts as the wireless hotspot for the Transformer, so I can have 10 inches of internet goodness while on the go. Together they both do everything I need (phone, internet, text, media playback, gaming, etc...) for only $25 per month.

Before you do anything, FSK, I recommend you take a solid look at Virgin Mobile's offerings. I don't think their mixture of low prices, policies, or hardware selection can be beat by anyone.

FSK said...

Unfortunately, I am stuck with Verizon. I'm on a "family share" plan and my mother and sister want to stay with Verizon.

dionysusal said...

How'd you make out with the hurricane? Did you have to evacuate? Too bad Wall Street didn't get swept out to sea. That would have been cool.

FSK said...

I didn't lose water or electricity here. Everything was fine. I stayed home all weekend.

The subways resume tomorrow before rush hour. I'm going to work on Monday.

At work, I'm on floor -3 (negative 3). I wonder if it flooded? They didn't make any preparations.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at