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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane - No Problems

dionysusal has left a new comment on your post "New Phone Soon":

How'd you make out with the hurricane? Did you have to evacuate? Too bad Wall Street didn't get swept out to sea. That would have been cool.
Only "Zone A" was evacuated. Those are people who live right by the water or in Coney Island or Rockaways or downtown Manhattan. I'm not even in "Zone C" where I live.

I didn't lose water or electricity here. Everything was fine. I stayed home all weekend.

The subways resume tomorrow before rush hour. I'm going to work on Monday.

At work, I'm on floor -3 (negative 3). I wonder if it flooded? They didn't make any preparations.

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DC said...

You office is below ground level?
As of Tuesday night we still do not have power here in NE Connecticut. The phone lines have just been reconnected and I am running the diesel generator for power.
It is kind of curious that there has been no attempt at all (yet) in this area to clear the downed trees over the power lines. Some of the trees are dangling from the power lines. The town can not touch them and the power company has abandoned this area for now.
I wonder if it would be cheaper to run my generator for an hour a day or be hooked into the grid. I think I will do that calculation. . .

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