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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Indications Of Progress

Blog posts like this one are interesting. In many ways, that blogger is a pro-State troll. He rabidly defends policemen. However, even he is saying "There's something fundamentally wrong with the political system in the USA."

I'm noting more and more people saying "The political system in the USA is completely broken." However, most of them are still short of the correct answer, which is market anarchism and "All taxation is theft! It makes no difference how taxes are collected or what they're used for. A government monopoly for police/justice/lawmaking is evil and unnecessary."

More people are saying "The system is completely broken." That's an indication of progress. There's an increase in awareness for market anarchism on the Internet, but market anarchism is still not discussed in the mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
Most of America can see the system is broken. How we correct it is an indicator of our cultural maturity.
Look at the "religion of Peace" in Egypt where a Biochemistry professor says Mubarrak and his sons must have their hands cut off and die: "There is no argument. These are God's words."
We must beware of he who speaks 'EX-CATHEDRA' and assures us that there is no arguement.

Anonymous said...

You could fix a lot of it with verifiable paper ballots, campaign finance reform and instant runoff voting.

Master Doh-San said...

"but market anarchism is still not discussed in the mainstream media."

That depends entirely on one's definition of "mainstream media". The ABCNNBCBS cabal is so far out of the true mainstream, they don't even know where it is. (And that includes their buddies in the print media.)

FSK said...

Speaking of paper ballots, did you know that in the early 19th century, there was no secret ballot? It was a public ballot. There was a public record of who voted for whom.

The complaint was that it enabled vote-buying and vote-bullying. The secret ballot was implemented.

Congressmen votes are public. That enables lobbyists to verify that Congressmen are voting according to their owners' demands.

DC said...

Drop " Market Anarchism" and replace it with "Market Freedomist".

Anonymous said...

When I say "verifiable" ballots I mean that it should not be possible to manipulate the count. The first time I ever voted, in San Diego, in 1972, I handed my completed ballot to the couple working the table, in an otherwise empty polling place -- I did not wait to see if they actually put it in the ballot box -- big mistake. These assholes discarded it because I didn't vote for Nixon or some other political criminal. I got a letter from the registrar of voters a few months later saying something to the effect that I didn't vote in the last election and needed to re-register or some damn thing.

FSK said...

Unless there is a public record of who voted for whom, it is impossible to prove that voter fraud did not occur.

TJ said...

I've heard the argument for privatizing law enforcement, but what would take the place of Department of Justice and district courts, if the state monopoly on justice is abolished? What is to prevent profit from being the priority over justice?

FSK said...

"Profit over justice" is *EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS RIGHT NOW*.

With free market courts, if a court had a reputation for making bad decisions, they would lose customers.

In the present, if insiders buy judges and Congressmen, then people are SOL.

This is a VERY COMMON MISUNDERSTANDING. A pro-State troll says "Without government, abuse X would occur.", when the reality is that abuse X occurs right now, PRECISELY BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT.

This Blog Has Moved!

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