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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow Job Commission

Here in NYC, a lot of people are angry about the lousy snow removal job. There was a big blizzard and it took several days to get it cleaned up.

In a few weeks, there's going to be State committee hearings, regarding the problem.

Has *ANY* problem ever been solved by government committee hearings?

It's pretty predictable. Some people will angrily complain at the meeting. Someone might be scapegoated and blamed, but not fired.

They already have some good excuses. The best one is "The transit workers had a deliberate work slowdown, to protest pay cuts and benefits." Another one is "People got their cars stuck, blocking plows." It's likely that there was no money in the budget to pay for overtime.

In some areas, people plowed the streets themselves!

The State's response to any problem is "Let's have a committee hearing!" That's an excellent way to have a pretend debate. The real problem is the government police/defense monopoly. That cause is not blamed.


robert30062 said...

Happy New Year FSK! Congratulations on four great years for your blog! I'm glad to hear you got an extension on your current job. Hopefully you can find something else before that term expires or stay in your current position longer if they offer it.


P.S Maybe bring back reader mail for the new year? I thought the interaction and the clarifications you provided were terrific.

FSK said...

Most of my blogging time is on my cell phone. Unfortunately, the LG envTouch has lousy editing features.

Maybe I'll try "Reader Mail" again when I get a new cellphone. I thought it was getting stale and boring.

This Blog Has Moved!

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