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Friday, January 14, 2011

MTV Anti-Freedom "Documentary"

This story was interesting. Someone from MTV was doing a "casting call". They want to interview young people who are disgruntled with government. They were specifically asking the "Free Keene" crowd.

If you're easily fooled, you might think "Wow! MTV is going to have a fair and balanced portrayal of the anti-State movement! Awesome!"

It's probably going to be a hatchet job. They're probably going to make State critics look like idiots.

Remember that MTV had a "casting call" for actors at an "Obama Town Hall Meeting". "Paid actors" were pretending to be interested voters. Jon Stewart (also owned by Viacom) interviewed Obama, but he was not allowed to interrupt, and he was required to only ask questions chosen ahead of time.

There are plenty of ways that MTV could make the interviewee look stupid. The power to edit is a very strong censorship power. If you tape a 2 hour interview and selectively edit it down to 5 minutes, it's very easy to make someone look bad.

Also, MTV could interview someone who makes a weak criticism of the State. They could interview Chomsky-style pro-State fake anarchists, who believe "Property is theft!"

A lot of the "Free Keene" crowd are focused on ineffective types of activism. Someone called this "activism theater". Compare this with agorism, which is much more effective. There may be active agorist groups in New Hampshire. I haven't heard much about them.

For example, the "Free Keene" has done the following types of stupid activism:

  1. playing a drinking game at a city council meeting (fighting the State on its turf)
  2. publicly smoking marijuana (marijuana really is bad for you)
  3. publicly drinking alcohol (also bad for you)
  4. public nudity (amusing, but doesn't harm the State)
  5. driving without a State driver's license or State license plates (That is poor tactics. You're just daring State thugs to kidnap you and steal your car.)
  6. paying property taxes in $1 bills (That just annoys some low-ranking bureaucrat.)
I noticed there's a lot of "People who criticize the State are insane!" propaganda spreading. I assert the opposite, that statists are insane. The pro-State and anti-State viewpoints are logically contradictory. If you're debating a statist, you're making well-formed arguments and they're spouting incoherent gibberish. The statist says "My arguments make sense and you're spouting incoherent gibberish." It's very frustrating.

It would be nice to see the freedom viewpoint accurately portrayed in the mainstream media. I doubt MTV is going to do that. They're probably just looking for people to ridicule, as a form of pro-State trolling.

For now, people like Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano are the limits of the "debate ceiling". It nice that they're the most freedom-oriented viewpoint in the mainstream media, which deserves some respect. It's frustrating, because they're also shills for the State. That's a tough question. Do you have some self-censorship, so you can be on TV and avoid being jailed for treason, or do you tell the full truth?

This "MTV documentary" is almost definitely a hatchet job. I doubt it will be a fair presentation of anarchists. In statist circles, the lie is spreading "People who criticize big government are insane, racist, and dangerous." It's a new aspect of pro-State brainwashing that's developed, as a reaction to people spreading the truth.


Ronnie said...

I have been to the Free Keene forum a few times. There was also a guy selling hot dogs with no license in ever changing locations:)

FSK said...

"Selling hot dogs without a license in ever-changing locations" is a type of protest that I respect.

Ronnie said...

That was my point. I think you just missed the good stuff on the site that they do. I may move up there someday.

FSK said...

Most of the "" discussion seems to be about foolish civil disobedience. However, there may be more agorists in Keene and New Hampshire.

Understandably, agorists are less eager to advertise, because they don't want to attract the attention of terrorists.

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