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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You A Consumer Or Producer?

There are many offensive State fnord phrases. I find the term "consumer" very offensive.

When I hear "consumer", I think of a giant mouth devouring everything. It's degrading, when State comedians refer to people as "consumers".

I'd much rather be a producer than a consumer. There can't be any consumption without production.

State morality is inverted. The ideal person racks up debt. The ideal person consumes more than he produces. The productive worker is an exploited loser.

Politicians say "We're looking out for consumers." Who's looking out for the producers? According to State propaganda, a small business owner is a greedy person who wants to cheat his customers. Therefore, we need to restrain/cripple them with regulations. This favors insiders at large corporations. The cost of regulation compliance is usually fixed. Regulations are a regressive tax.

The CEOs of most large corporations are evil. They lobby the State for favors. The regulations that hurt "evil small business owners" favor "greedy CEOs and State insiders".

Another offensive term is "taxpayer". When I hear the term "taxpayer", I think of someone getting mugged and pickpocketed. The opposite of "taxpayer" is "tax-eater". A tax-eater is someone who receives more State subsidies than the value of the taxes he pays.

Politicians are obviously tax-eaters. Most insiders are tax-eaters. Suppose a CEO earns $50M and pays $25M in taxes. It's more accurate to say "He stole $25M." than "He's a swell guy who paid $25 in taxes." Besides, most CEOs and insiders use trusts and tricks to dodge taxes.

Consider a lawyer. Lawyers only earn huge salaries due to the State. The State licensing cartel restricts the supply of lawyers. The State legal system is set up so that you need a lawyer for everything. Lawyers are tax-eaters, even lawyers not explicitly employed by the State.

I'm offended by many State fnord words. "Consumer" and "taxpayer" are offensive. Those words subtly reinforce pro-State brainwashing. "Consumer" and "taxpayer" remind everyone that they're slaves.


Anonymous said...

>I find the term "consumer" very

"Read-only user" is a derogative term for a computer user that does not create anything using the computer i.e. may just play computer games, surf the Internet, use software written by other people.

Anonymous said...

Yes and the Banksters Selling their Debt are feeding the Consuming Mouth. FSK for Prezident! uhhh.....(Anti-Prezident!)

Scott said...

I find people who are against small business to be weird. They will work for some corporation, or by an unemployed parasite and will say "Business owners are bad! Fight for the working man!"

Working for who? They never mean working for themselves, they mean working for big corporations.

Ronnie said...

As long as you are producing something, there is nothing wrong with consuming something else. Otherwise you'd be a sucker lol. It'd be like not getting paid.

I agree with the term taxpayer. It dehumanizes the government's source of income, like you aren't a person, just a dollar to be snatched. Very offensive. Utilities sometimes refer to users as "ratepayers" instead of "customers" as well.

Midwestern Avenger said...

Grow up... Stop bitching about semantics.

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